What About the Murky Waters of Copyright?

David Wee, designer
David Wee, designer

We all have questions about copyright, what is fair use and what may be in the public domain. Students may be on heightened alert about copyright when preparing presentations and final papers.  However, copyright considerations are equally as critical when putting together promotional materials for club events or updating a social media site.

Consider including links to information about copyright, fair use and public domain in your syllabus or online in your Moodle course. For some students the information will be a reminder of how to use available information and media found on the web.  For others, this may be their first introduction to some of the realities of copyright.

There are many sites offering access to images at no charge.  Some request simply acknowledging the artist or photographer.

Want to know more about the public domain and what may be available?  Visit some of the sites listed below.

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