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The Horizon Report

NMC Horizon Report 2014 Higher Education Edition
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The 2014 Report identifies emerging technologies that will influence teaching and learning over the next 1-to-5 years.  Among the key trends encouraging an immediate adoption of technology are the

  • Pervasive use of social media
  • Increased offering of fully online, hybrid and collaborative learning models
  • Acceptance of data-driven learning and assessment
  • Emphasis on students learning through the creation of content
  • Promotion of organizational innovation at institutions of higher education
  • Shift in the perception of online learning

This collaborative effort was developed by a group of 53 international experts in education and technology from 13 countries spanning 6 continents.¬† For more information about the process and to see the work developed for the report, visit the report’s wiki at:


Instructional Media Lab

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