Technology & Pie: Low-Tech Games for Learning

Games have a tremendous potential in the higher education space, and can be used as pedagogical tools for different subjects, class sizes, and educational levels.

On Thursday, February 21, from 1 to 2:15 p.m., Academic Computing will be hosting a “Technology and Pie” event focused on “game-like” learning. Instructors and Doctoral candidates Kate Freedman (History Dept.), Katherine Jones (Sociology Dept.), and Evan Torner (German Dept.) will join us us to demonstrate and discuss how to use low-tech games to create engaging classroom learning experiences for students in higher education.

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About Technology and Pie

“Technology and Pie” is an interest group for faculty and instructors who would like to learn about technologies for learning and teaching. These sessions are intended as quick overviews with discussions about the application of these tools. Faculty have priority for these sessions when seats are limited. And yes, we really do serve pie.

Questions? Contact the Instructional Media Lab ( or 413-545-2823).


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