iMovie Tutorials

Here are some links to recently created tutorials on using iMovie to create short video projects. We created these to help students with video projects they are creating for different course projects.

These are designed to act as a supplement to our iMovie: Digital Video Editing Basics Guide.

iMovie ’09 Tutorials, in 12 Parts:

Part 1: IntroductionPart 1: Introduction

Part 2: The iMovie Interface

Part 3: Importing Video from a Tape/Video Camera

Part 4: Importing Video Files into iMovie

Part 5: Viewing and Selecting Video

Part 6: More Ways to Add Video to Your Project

Part 7: The Editing Tools in iMovie

Part 8: Working with Images in iMovie

Part 9: Adding Titles, Transitions, and Effects to Your Video

Part 10: Working with Audio in iMovie

Part 11: Exporting Your Final Product

Part 12: Moving iMovie Projects Between Computers

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