Purpose of this Blog

This blog is about teaching. Specifically teaching while using some sort of “technology”. For some people, this can mean just about anything that was invented since they left college. For others, it means the latest widget or thingamabob that has been on the cover of Time Magazine. We plan to cover all of these, but most of all, we plan to cover what works, not just what is cool and new and exciting.

Topics on this blog will include:

– Simple things you can do with technology that will save you time (or your sanity).

– Specific teaching goals and which technologies will actually help reach those goals.

– Neat things we’ve seen faculty do with technology in their classes.

– Plain-English explainations of the latest widgets and what they are most useful for.

We’re not yet sure of the posting schedule for this blog. If it looks stale, consider subscribing to the RSS feed so you will recieve updates as soon as we post again.

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