List of Conferences

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2023:  Cultural Landscapes’ Critical Role in Responding to Climate Change

2019:  Rural Heritage: Landscapes and Beyond

2018:  Culture, Migration and Adaptation in a Rapidly Changing World

2017:  The Role of Heritage During Migration and Displacement

2016:  Nature & Culture: Heritage in Context

2015:  Cultural Landscapes & Heritage Values

2014:  Heritage & Healthy Societies: Exploring the Links among Cultural Heritage, Environment, and Resilience

2013:  The Past For Sale? New Perspectives on the Economic Entanglements of Cultural Heritage

2012:  High-tech Heritage: How Are Digital Technologies Changing Our Views of the Past?

2011:  Why Does the Past Matter?

2009:  Heritage in Conflict and Consensus: New Approaches to the Social, Political, and Religious Impact of Public Heritage in the 21st Century, An International Workshop