This research group pursues the broad concept of water sustainability through water resources systems analysis, decision theory, and the study of hydroclimatology.  I believe that water sustainability will be achieved decision by decision, and our goal is to make each decision better informed.  We primarily develop models of human-hydrologic systems to understand how their management can be improved, including through new policies and/or technology.  The work is inherently interdisciplinary and we seek meaningful collaboration with social scientists, earth scientists, ecologists and data scientists. We also like alliteration.


See ResearchGate and Google Scholar for a complete list (please note GoogleScholar continuously adds papers to the site that are not mine – symptomatic of a common last name).


We have a constantly changing portfolio of research projects including basic science projects funded by NSF, NOAA, NASA and DOD SERDP, and applied projects funded by partners such as the World Bank, California Department of Water Resources, and various municipalities. You can learn more about some of those here.

Paraphernalia (aka Tools)

We often create new analytical tools in our research and like to share them.  The latest can be found here.