Freshwater Resilience

Freshwater resilience means that freshwater ecosystems (think lakes, rivers and aquifers) can handle changes, particularly climate, and still continue to deliver their essential services. This is the fundamental principle of resilience: being able to respond and adapt to shocks and stresses and to transform when conditions require it.”         – Rockefeller Foundation

With support from the March 02, 2014-DSC_0074Rockefeller Foundation, the Research Group will work with the World Bank, Rockefeller Foundation grantees, and collaborators to promote, demonstrate and communicate the principles of freshwater resilience.

This work will consist of three major tasks:

  1. Establish a technical advisory service and Resilience Knowledge Hub to support the Bank Water GP Multi-Donor Trust Fund (MDTF) and partners.
  2. Develop and deploy a set of screening, planning and technical tools for implementing resilience principles in MDTF activities.
  3. Demonstrate full deployment of the Resilient River concept in strategic geographies in partnership with the World Bank.

March 22, 2014-DSC_0340The overarching objective of this effort is to provide world class technical expertise in support of the joint Rockefeller Founation-World Bank freshwater resilience partnership.