Freshwater Resilience

The ability for a freshwater environment to bounchback from unintented shocks and changes is critical when investing in infrastructure in the face of change.

Resilient Water Supply to Mexico City and all Dependent Communities

Developing a water supply plan for a metropolis like Mexico City involves analyzing diverse demand and supply side options.

Assessing Climate Risks to the Niger River Basin Investment Program

Testing a river system’s vulnerabilities to climate change and other change factors is crucial to identifying potential investments.

Projections of Flood Risk Conditioned on Large-Scale Climate Processes

Understanding flooding projections is critical to help limit the destruction of property and loss of life and helps build flood resilience.  We are developing a two-part methodology to create flood projections in the Ohio River and in West Africa.

Relating Flood Perceptions of Mitigation Behavior in Burkina Faso, West Africa

A society’s perceptions of floods is important to develop and implement mitigation measures.  This study will yield valuable insights to the relationship between floods and people in developing countries in West Africa.

Climate Guidance Planning for the International Joint Commission

Transboundary basins require coordinated efforts to effectively manage risks associated with a changing world.  We are developing a climate guidance planning framework for transboundary watersheds between the United States and Canada with the IJC.

Improved Reservoir Operations for the Ecosystem Health in the Connecticut River Basin

Maintaining ecosystem health is important to a healthy natural environment, and we work with The Nature Conservancy to improve reservoir operations in the Connecticut River to account for aquatic flora and fauna.

Adaptive Management Planning for the International Upper Great Lakes Study

A sound regulation plan to control flow between the Great Lakes has important consequences for navigation, shipping, recreation, hydropower production, and ecosystem health.  We developed an adaptive management framework for the regulation plan to improve system resilience to future uncertainties.