Hydrosystems Group conducts IJC Climate Change workshop

Hydrosystems Research Group members Casey Brown and Alec Bernstein held a workshop during the International Joint Commissions’ Annual Board Meeting in Washington D.C. on May 3rd.  The goal of the meeting was to present the Climate Change Guidance Framework developed by the HRG and to conduct a Global Cafe with Board members to solicit feedback on implementing the Guidance Framework.

The HRG will roll out the first step of the Framework (Organize) with each Board, and will take a deep dive with the St. Croix International Watershed Board.  Feedback from the Boards on the framework was very positive.  Many Board members from across North America brough local knowledge and perspective to the meeting and input from all Boards was encouraging for the success of the Guidance Framework.

The Hydrosystems Group will work with all Boards to implement Step One of the Guidance Framework – Organize.  The Group will work in depth with the St. Croix International Watershed Board to roll out all four steps of the Guidance Framework.  The Group will conduct workshops and hold meetings with members from all boards to carry out the Framework.