Decision Tree Training at the Hydropower and Dams 2017: Africa Conference

Dr. Casey Brown and Dr. Patrick Ray conducted a World Bank training workshop on the Decision Tree Framework: A Climate Risk Assessment for Water Infrastructure at the Hydropower and Dams 2017: Africa conference in Marrakech, Morocco.  The training took place on March 12th and 13th, 2017 at the La Palmeraie Conference Centre in Marrakech, and the conference was March 14th-16th.

Dr. Brown presenting the Decision Tree Framework

The training was well attended by approximately 30 participants from universities, government agencies, consulting firms, and water & energy ministries from all across Africa.  This training was meant to be an introduction to the Decision Tree Framework, and many participants were enthusiastic to learn more about the framework and apply it on their own systems.

Dr. Patrick Ray presenting case studies using the Decision Tree Framework

A young engineer from the water ministry in Morocco responded that if the training had not been provided, his ministry would never have thought about screening projects for climate risk.  Hydrosystems group member Alec Bernstein attended the workshop and conference as a participant and engaged with many of the attendees of the training session; the young engineer’s response was typical for many participants of the sessions.

The crowd of enthusiastic participants during the Decision Tree Training workshop.

The Hydrosystems Research Group will be hosting a week long World Bank Decision Tree Training April 25th through 28th in Amherst, Massachusetts.  Anyone interested in attending should contact for information and the application for the event.