Upcoming Decision Tree Training at Africa 2017 Hydropower Conference

Dr. Casey Brown will be presenting a training session on the Decision Tree Framework during the Africa 2017 Hydropower Conference.  The conference will take place in Marrakech, Morocco on March 12th through March 16th.

The Decision Tree Framework is a robust decision scaling approach  that provides resource-limited project planners and program managers with a cost-effective and effort-efficient, scientifically defensible, repeatable, and clear method for demonstrating the robustness of a project to climate change. The framework adopts a “bottom-up” approach to risk assessment that aims at a thorough understanding of a project’s vulnerabilities to climate change in the context of other nonclimate uncertainties (for example, economic, environmental, demographic, or political). It helps to identify projects that perform well across a wide range of potential future climate conditions, as opposed to seeking solutions that are optimal in expected conditions but fragile to conditions deviating from the expected.