Annotated Bibliography Template

Evaluating Source Material: Factors to Consider
What is an annotated Works Cited list?  It is like a bibliography or Works Cited list that you would include at the end of a research paper, but each source has an annotation. An annotation includes both a description and an evaluation of your sources. The annotation should describe the source, telling the reader some or all of the following depending on the source:
•    what the source covers,
•    how the source will add to your paper,
•    what the author’s credentials are,
•    the currency of and theoretical basis for the author’s argument,
•    the intended audience of the source,
•    the significance of the source as a contribution to your paper topic and/or thesis statement,
•    possible problems with the source (bias, shortcomings),
•    your own brief impression of the source.
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Research Log/Annotated Bibliography
Search question (topic expressed in question form):
Source #1
Complete citation for item found (use Academic Search Premier’s  Save function, Expanded Academic database’s citation guide   or another on-line citation program, or consult How-to Guides > Source Citation on the DBC website for help):

Information source used (e.g. popular search engine like Google, broad-based database such as Expanded Academic ASAP, discipline-specific or alternative database such as GenderWatch, or Sites of Interest):

Search strategy employed (e.g. keyword= , subject heading= , author=  etc.):

Paraphrased ideas or direct quotations to use in presentation and/or final literature review (be sure to distinguish between paraphrases or summaries and direct quotations and to note page numbers of all material recorded here):

Evaluation of material (how/what will it contribute to your presentation? how accurate, thorough and reliable does it seem? how does it fit with other sources?):

Date this search was done and entry was made: