The mammoth has long captured our imagination. These giants of the Ice Age are now long gone, but perhaps more than any animal, they evoke our distant past. Until about 10,000 years ago, mammoths roamed immense territories in Europe, Asia and the Americas. Entire skeletons and frozen remains of mammoths have been found, allowing the reconstruction of their biology and behavior. Anthropology students at University of Massachusetts researched various aspects of the mammoth (such as distribution in time and space, evolution, anatomy and behavior, and their relationships with humans who coexisted with them) and assembled their findings in a series of interactive displays. Click on any of the images below and enter the mammoth world!

The feature photograph of the website represents an iconic Ice Age mammoth cave painting from Rouffiniac (France), two mammoths fighting head on.

Technical instruction for this site was provided by Michele Turre forĀ UMass Amherst Instructional Innovation.