Photos from DGHfest

In 2010, we had a nice celebration of collective careers of Donoghue, Golowich and Holstein. Many of our former students and collaborators were able to attend. Here are some photos taken at the DGHfest:

D,G and H themselves

Dean Lee (l) with David Kastor

Lorenzo Sorbo, Rick Robinett, Alexey Petrov, and Luca Grisa

Lincoln Wolfenstein and his students Joao Soares, Daniel Wyler and Barry Holstein

Sandip Pakvasa and Alexey Petrov

Antonio Perez (left, back to camera) Joao Soares, German Valencia, Carlos Ramirez, William Ponce (and on the edges John Connell, Barry Holstein, Lincoln’s head, Ufuk’s hair)

More picture of this event can be found at Alexey Petrov’s site