Alumni and dates

    Ph.D. Alumni:

This page is somewhat out of date, as we have not been updating all the information regularly. However, we are keeping it as a record of our students, and will sporadically update it. If one of the students/postdocs listed here wants to provide updated information, please send it to John Donoghue and he will update it on this page.

Basem El-Menoufi

  • Graduation Year: 2016
  • Advisor: John Donoghue


Jessica Cook

  • Graduation Year: 2013
  • Advisor: Lorenzo Sorbo


Ufuk Aydemir, Webpage, Papers

T.J. Blackburn

  • Advisor: Barry Holstein

Jared Vanesse, Webpage, Papers

  • Avisor: Barry Holstein

Mohamed Anber

    • Advisor: Lorenzo Sorbo
    • Ph.D. Thesis Title: Frontiers in theoretical high energy physics: From physics beyond the Standard Model to cosmology
    • Graduation Year: 2010


Sourya Ray

  • Advisor:Jennie Traschen and David Kastor
  • Ph.D. Thesis Title: ** Look up**
  • Graduation Year: 2006
  • Now Faculty at Universidad Austral de Chile, Valdevia, Chile

Koushik Dutta

Andreas Ross

  • Advisor: John Donoghue
  • Ph.D. Thesis Title: Inflationary dynamics and quantum gravity at long distances
  • Graduation Year: 2006
  • Now in the financial industry
  • Mark D. Windoloski
  • Advisor: Eugene Golowich
  • Ph.D. Thesis Title: A nonperturbative study of three-dimensional quartic scalar field theory using modal field methods
  • Graduation Year: 2000
  • Now at Jentek Sensors Inc. in Waltham MA, USA
  • Euy Soo Na
  • Advisor: John Donoghue
  • Ph.D. Thesis Title: Nonperturbative methods in particle physics
  • Graduation Year: 1999
  • Now at: ???
  • Jusak Tandean
  • Advisor: John Donoghue
  • Ph.D. Thesis Title: Chiral anomalies and dynamical electroweak-symmetry breaking
  • Graduation Year: 1997
  • Now at National Central University, Taiwan
  • Seoktae Lee
  • Advisor: Arthur Swift
  • Ph.D. Thesis Title: Mathematical structure of dynamical symmetry breaking
  • Graduation Year: 1992
  • Now at: ???
  • Philip S. Gribosky
  • Advisor: Barry Holstein
  • Ph.D. Thesis Title: Finite temperature quantum field theory and effective lagrangians
  • Graduation Year: 1989
  • Now at: ???
  • Yeu-Chung R. Lin
  • Advisor: Barry Holstein
  • Ph.D. Thesis Title: Chiral lagrangians and their applications to low energy physics
  • Graduation Year: 1988
  • Now working in Industry in Taiwan
  • Harald Gomm
  • Advisor: John Donoghue
  • Ph.D. Thesis Title: Experimental signatures of glueballs
  • Graduation Year: 1983
  • Now at: ???

       M.S. Alumni:

  • Stefan W. Klimt
  • Advisor: John Donoghue
  • M.S. Thesis Title: SU(3) symmetry breaking in semileptonic hyperon decays
  • Graduation Year: 1986
  • Now at: ???

        Former Postdocs:

  • Joao M. Soares
  • At UMass from 1995-1998
  • Now Actuary in Insurance Industry, USA
  • Joachim Kambor
  • At UMass from 1992-1995
  • Now teaching in Switzerland and associated with Universität Zürich, Switzerland
  • Shoba Veeraraghavan
  • At UMass from 1990-1992
  • Now at Shell Global Solutions, UK ?