Here is a link to a listing of the students and postdocs who have been here. If you see a change that should be made in this list, please let us know.

At the DGHfest, our former students seemed to enjoy meeting/catching up with each other, and the faculty also were happy to catch up with the alumni. The suggestion was made that we keep in touch more. Sateesh relayed the comment of a faculty member who said that he should have made all of his students promise to write at least once a year. So please do write.

One way to share news with each other is to use the comments function on this web page. Writing to an individual faculty member is fine and welcome of course, but if you would like your update to be available to your fellow alumni, please write it in the comment box below. Then when others check in on the group page they can find this info.

We will keep this option running for a while as an experiment. Perhaps those who were at the DGHfest might start things off by posting something for the benefit of those that could not make it.

July 2012 Sateesh has followed his own suggestion by writing to say that he has left IBM and joined HP (again) in a new job. He says “This time I am working on imaging earth terrain (to help oil companies extract more oil from the earth) using Seismic Techniques.”

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