Gubrium_Participatory Visual and Digital Research in Action_300Participatory Visual and Digital Research in Action

Aline Gubrium, Krista Harper, and Marty Otañez, eds.

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Foreword by Phillip Vannini


Introduction, Aline Gubrium, Krista Harper, and Marty Otañez

Digital Storytelling

Darcy Alexandra: Are We Listening Yet? Participatory Knowledge Production through Media Practice: Encounters of Political Listening

Marty Otañez and Andrés Guerrero: Digital Storytelling and the Hepatitis C Virus Project


Ciann Wilson and Sarah Flicker: Picturing Transactional $ex: Ethics, Challenges and Possibilities

Cynthia Selin and Gretchen Gano: Seeing Differently: Enticing Reflexivity in the Futurescape City Tours

Participatory Video

Charles Menzies: In Our Grandmothers’ Garden: An Indigenous Approach to Collaborative Film

Jean Schensul and Campbell Daglish: “A Hard Way Out”: Improvisational Video and Youth Participatory Action Research

Participatory Mapping and GIS

Nick Rattray: Counter-Mapping as Situated Knowledge: Integrating Lay Expertise in Participatory Geographic Research

Simona Perry: Beyond Words: The Transformative Practice (and Politics) of Digital Spatial and Visual Ethnography in a Rural Shale Gas Boomtown

Edward González-Tennant: Resurrecting Rosewood: New Heritage as Applied Visual Anthropology

Participatory Digital Archives and Museums

Catherine Besteman: Ethnography of an Ethnographic Somali Photography Archive in Maine

Madeleine Tudor and Alaka Wali: Showcasing Heritage: Engaging Local Communities through Museum Practice

Natalie Underberg-Goode: PeruDigital:  Ethnographic Storytelling through Iterative Design

Participatory Design Ethnography

Nancy Fried Foster: Participatory Design for the Common Good

Elizabeth Chin, Cayla McCrae, Morgan Marzek, Tina Zeng: Caminemos Juntos: Collaboration, Ethnography and Design in Northeast Los Angeles

Matthew Durington, Samuel Collins, and the Anthropology by the Wire Collective: Games Without Frontiers: App Design as Networked Anthropology




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