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Hi, we’re Laura and Stephanie, the GWIS Communications co-chairs for 2020-2021. We are super excited for the upcoming year and getting more members involved in communications. If you’re interested, please send an email to with “Communications” in the subject. We’re here to provide venues where members can express themselves. Some of our existing activities include:

**Book Club: In collaboration with Diversity & Inclusion Committee, one book is selected every semester with biweekly discussion meetings.

**Podcasting: Seeking members to grow this!

**GWIS Quarterly Magazine: Writing, Design, Artwork

**#WOWWEDNESDAY on Social Media

Let us know if you’d like to get involved or have ideas for other projects you want to organize. We look forward to meeting you!

We want to celebrate all the amazing things our members are accomplishing, so we need YOU to submit your accomplishments to #WowWednesday using this form so we can give you a shout-out on our twitter @stemfemmes on an upcoming Wednesday! We believe that every step of our grad school journey is worth celebrating, so no success is too small – we’re looking for ANYTHING that you are proud of. You can boost your friends’ successes by submitting them on the form, too – just give us their contact info so we can OK it with them first.


The communications committee’s main effort, GWIS Quarterly Magazine (GQM), has its own website:! Our new website also has all of the back issues of our magazine, ways to contact the magazine team, and a link to write for GQM.

There, you can find our latest issue for Winter 2018, “Tuning In,” where we contemplate what it means to tune into our world, our community, and ourselves. Inside you’ll find two new author perspectives, original artwork, a letter from our editor-in-chief, and some awesome STEM-themed playlists!

 Check out past issues of GQM below!


Click the cover to see the 2017 special edition of GQM!

“Broken Silence: Student Accounts of Sexual Violence in STEM” is focused on submitted stories of sexual violence within our STEM academic community. Sexual violence is an issue that is ever-present within our campus community, but one with reach far beyond STEM. It affects people – especially women – within and outside of the academy, all across the globe. For too many of our peers and friends, experiences with sexual violence are common to the point of expectation, and are often suffered through in silence and without the necessary support. The GWIS Communications and Advocacy teams have come together on this issue to launch the #Safeatwork campaign to address the widespread problem of sexual violence both on this campus and beyond, its profound consequences for the lives and careers of violence survivors, and the systematic failure of our academic community to meet the needs of our survivors.

GQM academy tm coverClick the cover to see the Fall 2016 edition of GQM!

We’re back! After a hiatus, GQM is excited to bring you our newest issue – AcademyTM! Check inside for work from authors both new and old and artwork including an awesome centerfold by Melissa Derner.

Happy reading!

Screen Shot 2015-11-05 at 11.01.10 AM

Click the cover to see the Fall 2015 edition of GQM!

We think you’ll enjoy this strongly themed collective reflection from the ever-expanding GQM team.

We look forward to continuing these conversations with you, and to having your feedback!

Happy reading!

summer storms of change

Click the cover to see the Summer 2015  edition of GQM!

Highlights include the quarterly letter from the editors, an awesome commentary from veteran author Rachel Striker Koh, a cool centerfold feature, and an insightful reflection from our new author Christie Laurel Cutting. It’s a must-read issue!

Make sure you look for the UMass Maroon colored clickable links  throughout the issue for more information on the highlighted topics and chances to respond!


Screen Shot 2015-07-30 at 2.00.34 PM

Click the cover to see the Spring 2015  Special Edition of GQM!

Thank you all so much for participating to make this edition amazing.

Make sure to visit our readers to readers page to keep the conversation going.



Screen Shot 2015-03-19 at 6.18.46 PM

Click the cover to see the Winter 2015 edition of GQM focused on communication!

We look forward to hearing from you! Reader responses received by April 30th  2015 may be published (with permission) in the winter issue,  with a response from the editor.

You can also click the link below to respond!

Write us back!


Screen Shot 2014-10-30 at 1.22.50 PM Click the cover to see the Fall edition of GQM focused on professional development

Click the links below for additional content

Unabridged Donna Riley Interview

Jenny Ross on negotiating

We look forward to hearing from you! Reader responses received by December 1st 2014 may be published (with permission) in the winter issue,  with a response from the editor.


GQM_sping cover

Click on the cover  to see the spring edition of GQM

Reader responses received by July 1st 2014 may be published (with permission) in the summer issue, along with a response from the editor. T-shirt contest also ends July 1st 2014


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  1. Hello everyone,

    I completely enjoyed this newsletter. I read it over a few times. Right now is a harder time for me than usual because of where I am in my career and the various choices I have to make. I’m getting to the point where I have to be more focused on what career I want to pursue upon obtaining my degree. It’s truly a motivational piece. Thank you, everyone for taking the time to put this together. Reading this letter has done a lot for me as woman in science :-).



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