GWIS Quarterly Magazine (GQM) Publishes Special Edition and Launches New Website!

GWIS Quarterly Magazine (GQM) has launched its own new website,, where you can find our newest special edition issue – “Broken Silence: Student Accounts of Sexual Violence in STEM”! This issue brings to light a prevalent and disturbing problem within STEM: that sexual harassment and sexual assault of graduate students is rampant, both on the UMass campus and throughout STEM academia, especially by those in positions of power. Inside, you can read the honest accounts of dozens of students who have experienced sexual violence, running the gamut of the many complex ways this issue manifests. You can also read the letter from the editor by Christie L. Cutting, a primer on terminology necessary to have conversations about sexual violence by Elaine E. Liu, and a call for faculty and administrators to take responsibility to clean up their departments by Dr. Joelle Labastide. On the website, you can also find information on the campaign we will begin with the launch of the magazine, #safeatwork, and how you can join us in fighting sexual violence on campus.