Mount Holyoke, A College For White Men?

Over the weekend, Mount Holyoke College student Maya Wegerif was arrested for “breach of peace”, after repeatedly being ignored, talked over, and being antagonized by both MHC Campus Police and others claimed to be allies (read the article for the full story). There is a debate over whether or not the actions against Maya were due to gender or race discrimination. You decide for yourself after reading the article (I highly suggest you read it!). Either way, this affects not only the students at Mount Holyoke, but the entire 5-College area (and greater society). Racial and gender discrimination by anyone, let alone those whose job is to protect, is unacceptable. This is just one example of the overall cultural climate and lack of attention to diversity and inclusion within the 5-Colleges. This is further propagated by a lack of recognition and acknowledgment by not only the police, but administrators and others.

Thank Goodness she recorded the whole thing.

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