Searchable Databases

Lists of external grants and fellowships, such as those posted on our “Funding Opportunities” page, are a great way to get started on your funding search with little time investment on your part. But these types of lists are not exhaustive–chances are there are many more funding opportunities for which you are eligible, but it will take some work on your part to locate them.

Use the databases below to search other opportunities.  These databases are keyword-based, similar to WorldCat and other databases. Spend some time experimenting with these databases, as each has various strengths and weaknesses. If your first search isn’t successful try altering your search parameters as well as trying one of the other databases on this list–using similar search parameters on different databases will generate different results. If your search is still unsuccessful plan to attend one of our Intro to Grant Searching sessions or contact us to schedule a searching consultation.

On-campus Databases


In order to use GrantForward, you must create a login that uses your campus email address (the one that ends in “”) and choose a password. Other email addresses will not access the campus subscription and you will not be permitted to login.

Off-campus databases

The Fellowship Finder from the University of Illinois is a great general-purpose tool. Funding opportunities are specific to graduate students and post-docs and you can filter results by citizenship status. Disciplinary categories are quite broad so use keywords or filters strategically to narrow your search results.

Duke University offers a useful search engine that allows you to filter by applicants status, such as “graduate student” or “postdoc.” Note that some results may be open to Duke students only.

The UCLA Graduate & Postdoctoral Extramural Support database is particularly useful when searching for postdoc funding. You can also filter results to include only opportunities for which U.S. citizenship is not required. Note that some results may be open to UCLA students only.

The Cornell University Graduate School Fellowships Database is useful for searches based on citizenship requirements but does not provide many details about funding opportunities. allows you to search for funding opportunities from all U.S. federal agencies such as the National Science Foundation and the National Institutes of Health.

Looking to study/research/intern outside of the U.S.? The Institute of International Education offers a search engine you can use to find grants and fellowships that will help you achieve your goal according to destination, interests, and student status. Programs range in type, eligibility, and field. Click the “Find a Program” link on the upper right of this page to get to the search page.