GoodellThe Office of Professional Development is located in 538 Goodell. You can reach us at:

Phone: 413-545-0669
Email: hbauerclapp@grad.umass.edu
We offer the following consultation services:

  • Funding Search Consultation
    If you need introductory information about searching for grants and fellowships to fund dissertation- or thesis-related activities such as fieldwork, archival research, dissertation writing, or residencies, choose this option. Before requesting a consultation check our list of upcoming events–Intro to Grant Searching will provide all the information you would receive in a consultation.
  • Draft Consultation
    If you have targeted a funder or funders, have a draft in progress and wish to discuss your approach or have specific questions on the writing, choose this option. NOTE: WE CANNOT PROOFREAD DRAFTS.

Appointments last approximately 30-45 minutes. E-mail us at hbauerclapp@grad.umass.edu to schedule a consultation.