Dreaming the future: the zine

Welcome to Dreaming the Future, a collaborative zine project of the Forbes, Jones, and Lilly Libraries, the Valley Zine Club, and the Feinberg Series, which collects the voices of young people on the environment and advocacy. We are proud to present this collection of highly creative and personal work by New England youth in tandem with the event Young People Fighting For Climate Justice, and hope each may enrich the other.

(For reference, the original call for submissions and prompts can be found here.)

Download the PDF:
Single-page version here (best for reading on the computer)
Booklet version here (easier to print – select double-sided & flip on the short edge!)

Feeling inspired?

While submissions to the print zine are now closed, new submissions can be emailed to communications@history.umass.edu on a rolling basis, and will be uploaded to a gallery on this page.