University Courses

The Feinberg Course

“New Approaches to the Study of History: The Climate Emergency”

History 200, UMass Amherst,
Professor Heidi V. Scott

The contemporary world faces an accelerating climate emergency and a no less critical ecological catastrophe. Take this course to study the deeper history of this contemporary predicament and explore the following questions: how should we study the past in a time of climate and environmental crisis? How can historical inquiry help us face these challenges? What new forms of storytelling can historians adopt to help work towards a livable future?

Additional Affiliated Courses

Fall 2020 

Anthropos in the Anthropocene: Human-Environment Relations in a Time of Ecological Crisis
Environmental Science and Policy 224 / Anthropology 224, Smith College, Professor Colin Hoag

Capitalism and Alternatives in Latin America
History 200, UMass Amherst, Professor Kevin Young

Environmental Justice
Environmental Studies 330, Amherst College, Professor Ashwin Ravikumar

Environments and Change: Addressing Climate Change in a Changing Social, Political, and Environmental World
LCSEM-101, Team Taught Course, Hampshire College

Evolution and Intellectual Revolution
First Year Seminar 117, Amherst College, Professors Anna Martini and David Jones

Literature and Climate Change
English 891, UMass Amherst, Professor Malcolm Sen

History of American Capitalism
History 351, UMass Amherst, Professor Asheesh Siddique

Ideas that Changed the World
History 394CI, UMass Amherst, Professor Emily Hamilton

Indigenous Feminisms
American Studies 370/Sexuality Women & Gender Studies 372, Amherst College, Professor Jennifer Hamilton

Introduction to World Religions
History 112, UMass Amherst, Professor Mark Roblee

Sociology 325 / Anthropology 325, Amherst College, Professor Hannah Holleman

Rape Law: Gender, Race, Justice
History 397RL, UMass Amherst, Professor Jennifer Nye 

Sedimentary Geology
Geology 232, Smith College, Professor Bosiljka Glumac

Science and Society in Modern China
History 117, UMass Amherst, Professor Sigrid Schmalzer

Strategies for Liberation
Social Thought and Political Economy Program 491H, UMass Amherst, Professor Kevin Young

Unequal Footprints on the Earth: Understanding the Social Drivers of Ecological Crises and Environmental Inequality
Sociology 226 / Environmental Studies 226, Amherst College, Professor Hannah Holleman

U.S. Environmental Policy
Environmental Studies 250, Amherst College, Professor Ashwin Ravikumar

The Value of Nature
First Year Seminar 108, Amherst College, Professor Rachel Levin

Women and the Law
History 297WL / Legal 297WL, UMass Amherst, Professor Jennifer Nye

Spring 2020 Affiliated Courses TBA