University Courses

Fall 2022 Feinberg Series Courses

History 269: The American War in Vietnam

This four-credit multidisciplinary general education course examines the American War in Vietnam from its origins in U.S. support for the French reconquest of Indochina after World War II until the “Fall of Saigon” to Communist forces in 1975. Through a variety of sources (including government documents, fiction, historical analysis, speeches, journalism, and documentary film), we will explore the reasons for U.S. intervention in Vietnam, the key political and military policies, the experiences of combatants and civilians on all sides, the war’s divisive political and moral controversies, and the myths and legacies that have shaped postwar politics and public memory. Taught by Christian G. Appy, UMass Amherst

History 397: US Empire and Solidarity in Central America

US Empire and Solidarity in Central America will examine the role of U.S. imperialism in the region and the revolutionary organizing of Central Americans to build a world free of exploitation and state violence. Why has the United States intervened in the region? What do these solidarity practices have to teach us? Taught by Diana Sierra Becerra, UMass Amherst

Additional Affiliated Courses

Capitalism and its Alternatives in Latin America
History 220, UMass Amherst, Professor Kevin Young

The Chinese Cultural Revolution
History 491H, UMass Amherst, Professor Sigrid Schmalzer

Common Grounds: Toward (Re)Thinking Global Indigeneity
Smith College Kahn Liberal Arts Institute and the Five College NAIS Mellon Grant, Christen Mucher and Javier Puentee

The Craft of History
History 275, UMass Amherst, Professor Garrett Washington

Empires to Nations: The Making of the Atlantic World, 1400-1800
History 155, UMass Amherst, Professor Asheesh Siddique

En(gendering) Development: Historical Genealogies / Contemporary Convergences
SWAG 259/ANTH 259 / POSC 259 / SOCI 259, Amherst College, Professor, Professor Suruchi Thapar-Bjorkert

History and Its Publics
History 394PI, UMass Amherst, Professor Diana Sierra Becerra

History of Modern Japan
History 116, UMass Amherst, Professor Garrett Washington

Introduction to South Asian History and Culture
History 250, UMass Amherst, Professor Priyanka Srivastava

Introduction to World Religions
History 112, UMass Amherst, Professor Mark Roblee

Science and Society in Modern China
History 117, UMass Amherst, Professor Sigrid Schmalzer

Strategies for Liberation
STPEC 492, UMass Amherst, Professor Kevin Young

Rape Law: Gender, Race, (In)justice 
History 397RL, UMass Amherst, Professor Jennifer Nye

U.S.-Latin American Relations
Political Science 352, UMass Amherst, Professor Justin Gross

War Stories 
Comparative Literature 133, UMass Amherst, Professor Jim Hicks

Women and the Law
History 297WL, UMass Amherst, Professor Jennifer Nye

The Feinberg Series

The 2022-2023 Feinberg Series is exploring histories of U.S. imperialism and anti-imperialist resistance. It is presented by the UMass Amherst Department of History in collaboration with the Ellsberg Initiative for Peace and Democracy and in partnership with more than two dozen co-sponsors. The Feinberg Family Distinguished Lecture Series is made possible thanks to the generosity of UMass Amherst history department alumnus Kenneth R. Feinberg ’67 and associates.