Adam Rudolph/Hamid Drake Duo, with Ralph M. Jones

Monday, October 2, 2017 at 8:00 pm
UMass Old Chapel

Hailed as “a pioneer in world music” by The New York Times and “a master percussionist” by Musician magazine, Adam Rudolph was Yusef Lateef’s closest collaborator. Widely acknowledged as one of the most talented percussionists in improvised music, Hamid Drake has worked with trumpeter Don Cherry, Pharoah Sanders, Fred Anderson, Mahmoud Gania, and William Parker.

2 Replies to “Adam Rudolph/Hamid Drake Duo, with Ralph M. Jones”

  1. Very nice performance in a very nice location. I only wish the concert had been a bit longer; I was just getting into it when they ended. Not even a short encore!

  2. Very strang music which did not hang together. Wished the artists would hav connected with audience by 1. Opening their eyes and 2. Looking at audince. Liked t.he venue. Left concert early, not enjoyable.

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