Kiran Ahluwalia Ensemble

Thursday, October 26, 2017 @ 7:30 PM

Kiran Ahluwalia’s seductive singing draws on her Indian-Punjabi heritage, fusing its hypnotic grooves with passionate Saharan blues and innovative western jazz. Her compositions and arrangements embody the essence of ghazal, ancient poetry influenced by Sufi mysticism, about illicit, unattainable love. Accompanied by her band, including New York jazz guitarist Rez Abbasi and master tabla player Nitin Mitta, Ahluwalia invites us to explore the human condition and lose ourselves in love.

On Wednesday, October 25 at 7pm at Hampshire Dining Commons. Grab your meal and come join the stimulating conversations with this cool and jazzy vocal artist from South Asia and maybe she will recite a verse of her poetry or sing a bar or two of music. It promises to a fun-filled Meet and Greet with Kiran and her Band.
(General Public UMass Dining Common Dinner cost: $15.50)

Ticket Prices: $25; Students $10

7 Replies to “Kiran Ahluwalia Ensemble”

  1. Super interesting to see the fusion onstage! Loved hearing the jazz interpretation of songs I never thought could be performed that way. Particularly loved the cover of Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan’s track!

  2. What a wonderful performance! Songs were amazing, lyrics meaningfull, instruments marvelous altogether a wonderful rhythmic evening filled with surprises. Even though it was fusion, Kiran and her band represents the Indian culture as well as the western culture with a lot of respect and love. Her voice was strong and powerful. They lit up the whole stage and made the audience fall in love with the music

  3. Lovely voice! Loved the energy of the music and appreciated the interpretations that were given throughout the performance. Interesting and engaging experience overall.

  4. I liked the South Asian vibe that this concert brought last night. Blurring the boundaries between India, Pakistan and the West through music that was spiritual yet intensely persona. It showed the ways artists can blend folk ,classical and pop for a new and contemporary feel.

  5. I could listen to her range of vocals forever, but what I loved most was her taking the ancient form of Indian song and bringing it to improvisational jazz. Her musicians are excellent accompaniment. I also loved how she talked to the audience as though it was her new best friend, and then walking straight on down the stage steps right on down through the aisle and calling song to us. She is a most positive presence, very alive w/ emotion in every chord. Not a moment is wasted to impress, but instead, everything is deeply felt.

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