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Saturday, September 23, 2017 at 8:00 PM

All you need is love! To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Beatles’ seminal recording Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, Fab Faux will perform the album in its entirety, along with other fan favorites. Known for their painstaking re-creations of the iconic band’s songs, Fab Faux treat the Beatles’ music with unwavering respect–and love.

Ticket Prices
$65, $55, $30; Students $30, $25, $20; VIP $80 (40 seats)

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  1. This is as close as it gets to the Beatles I’ve seen their show 6 times and they’re the best at it.
    I saw beatlemania in the seventies when that first came out.
    I saw the band rain.
    The Fab faux do with the best

  2. This is as close as it gets to the Beatles I’ve seen their show 6 times and they’re the best at it.
    I saw beatlemania in the seventies when that first came out.
    I saw the band rain.
    The Fab faux does it the best

  3. Fantastic! All members had great voices and were remarkable musicians! Their energy was amazing. Their love for Beatles music was inspiring. This was the 2nd time we saw them at UMass and we hope to see them there again!

  4. Fab Faux never disappoints. Beatles music played by talented musicians with a passion!Thank you to Mr. Hill and his staff for bringing them back. I look forward to seeing them again at the Fine Arts Center.

  5. Fantastic!!! I went rocketing back to my youth! ( Yes, I am old enough to remember the Beatles when they first came to this country.) 2nd time we have seen them at UMass-would go again. A fun, feel-good, dancing in my seat, singing concert.

  6. Great show! Closing my eyes, I was back with the real Fab Four from the times I had seen them live and in person 50+ years ago! Stellar musicianship! I didn’t care for all the silly banter, and the volume was pumped up WAAAAAAY TOO LOUD–several folks seated near us all the way back in Deep Section Six left at half-time with headaches!!! Still and all it was great fun and both VERRRRRY energizing and nostalgic — music when you could actually hear and sing along with the words…(on another note, I am incensed that the UMass FAC used Coca Cola as a sponsor….how totally irresponsible!)

  7. Amazing show, such great detail paid to each song, would definitely see them again. The venue is perfect, easy in easy out, great seats and acoustics

  8. I’ve seen them many times and would go again and again. Absolutely amazing performances by world class musicians. This is a show that is not to be missed. Please bring them back.

  9. FF are always a treat, and this show was no exception. Sound was a bit muddy in Section 4 for most of first set. Second set, thankfully, was markedly better — that may be the band’s crew dialing in the mix properly. Minor venue gripes would be long lines for bar — pouring bottles of beer seems silly and time consuming. And the long walk to the restrooms if you happen to be on the opposite side of the theatre is truly unfortunate. No easy way to fix that, or the extremely tight seating. That said, thanks for a good time!

  10. The concert was such fun. The Fab Faux are amazing. This was the second time for us to see them and both times we were amazed by their musicianship and the perfection of their ‘imitations.’ They took us back in time.

  11. I’m of the generation which, if they could make it to a Beatles show, wouldn’t have been able to hear the music over the screams. I never expected to experience the live sounds of this groundbreaking music. I am so impressed, both by the incredible array of talent in the Fab Faux and the sheer joy they experience in the material. My face still hurts from grinning through the performance!

  12. Amazing show. What a treat to be able to return to the FAC with my daughter and experience the Beatles with her. Would love to see them again

  13. So grateful for the opportunity to experience this stellar performance. I decided to get tix at the last minute, on my husband’s suggestion (he remembered I’d mentioned it a few months previously). Extraordinary musicianship! The Fab Faux brought the Beatles music to life with such exuberance. I left inspired to spend some quality time with my Beatles albums — and looking forward to seeing the Fab Faux again in the future.

  14. An amazing performance — they absolutely nailed Sgt. Peppers — compromised by crappy sound. And it wasn’t the band’s fault. You had trouble hearing the vocals or had your ears shredded by harsh volume? You were not alone. I talked with the band’s sound man during the break and he said it was impossible to get good sound in the Center because of all the concrete. Brutal architecture yields brutal sound. Okay, maybe not that bad, but the Faux would be better served in a different venue, say John M. Green Hall on Smith campus, which has great acoustics. Even the Calvin in Northampton — not noted for great sound — would be an improvement over the Fine Arts Center. I know: both venues seat fewer, but I noticed the show last night was not sold out, so a smaller room might work.

  15. Love the Fab Faux. I go to every show I hear about. They are my thrill. Such great talent and energy. They offer themselves up with completely satisfying recreations of the Beatle music. They seem dedicated to covering every sound on the records. I love to watch them too. The stage vibe is great…including the horns and the stringed instrument ladies and the guys in black shirts who deliver and remove guitars and sitars and the like with rehearsed precision. Amazing to observe the flow of these shows. And amazing to be in a room of like-minded souls singing along and jumping around. It was very exciting. Some songs I had forgotten about but found I knew all the words anyway.

  16. Ditto all of the above.
    Sadly, there are those self-centered in the audience up front with distracting phone camera screens ablaze who must think their cheapo snaps and vids are anything worth watching. To be privileged is to be inconsiderate?

  17. I thought the Fab Faux were great! They had terrific singing voices and instrumental prowess, and I love that they included so many instruments you don’t usually get to hear in live versions. I appreciate that they play songs from the whole Beatles catalogue, but personally I would have liked to hear more hits from their more recent work. Also, I didn’t love the banter so much… I came for the Beatles covers.

  18. We LOVE the Fab Faux and have been to over 150 concerts. They never disappoint and last night’s concert at the UMASS Fine Arts Center was no exception. It is a great venue, and hope you invite the Fab Faux back. Initially the amplification of the voice mics overshadowed the mics for the instruments, but that got worked out by the 3rd or 4th song. We brought a Fab Faux ‘newbie’ with us, and have another dedicated fan.

  19. Fifth time for us with the Fab Faux. This concert was probably the best. These guys are amazing. They have been playing the Beatles music almost twice as long as the Beatles did. They could probably play this music in their sleep but they treat it and their audiences with love and respect. I think any fan of the Beatles music would be thrilled to see this band. I can’t agree with those who commented that they did not like the banter on stage. I personally appreciate when a band tries to communicate and engage with their audience. I agree that the volume was much higher than it needed to be which was tedious at times Not a venue problem. Volume was fine at last years Fab Faux concert at the FAC. Just turn it down a little.

  20. One of my musical highlights of the year! So much fun dancing in my seat and singing along. Venue was excellent, I did think the hall was on the warm side. Loved their performance. And it was my first time and I remember thinking before it was over was I hope I have a chance to see them again!! I did not want the music to end! Thank you for a wonderful evening!

  21. The Fab Faux show on September 23rd was my birthday gift to my brother and his wife, my sister-in-law as well as a 34th wedding anniversary. Yeah, all happened on the same day.
    We traveled up from New York, stayed at the UMass Hotel, had dinner, did the show, and had a post concert meal. We did the whole shebang….
    All Fab Faux shows are masterful and fun. I’ve been to over 80 of them since becoming a fan 10 years ago. Ths one was no exception. There are no bad Fab Faux shows….
    Here’s my one complaint: Since when does row KK sit behind LL?
    I was confused when I looked at the theater’s seating plan.
    Because of this, I specifically asked the person that took my phone order if KK was the first row in Mezzanine 1. I was told yes.
    Instead, we sat in the second row.
    Luckily, the people in front of us were well behaved and didn’t block our view…much.
    Still, we sat on top of our seats to see better because the seating is not inclined.
    My fault; I should have read the seating plan more carefully.
    Your fault:The phone operator should have known better…and K goes before L in the alphabet, and every venue I go to, except at the Fine Arts Center.
    This was a great show. Getting my preferred choice of seats would have made it better.

  22. I’ve seen the Fab Faux five times now and each time is truly an amazing experience. What I appreciate most is the attention to every detail in the music no matter how minor (The first word in While My Guitar Gently Weeps is “Hey yup” not “I”). It is also phenomenal that they can do on stage what the Beatles could only do in the studio.

  23. I went with a friend to see the Fab Faux “@ the FAC” on Saturday night. If I could sum up the evening in one three letter word it would be “WOW”! Although not a rabid fan, I will always have a soft spot in my heart for the Beatles. I could go on and on about the ferocious energy, unreal musicality and great attitude the “Faux” brought to the party. Suffice it to say although my face hurt from smiling and my neck was sore from bobbing all night, the show left my heart soaring with great vibes and precious memories.

    Thank you FAC!!

  24. This was far and away one of THE best performances I’ve ever had the chance to see. We had great seats (4th row) and were able to enjoy every subtle nuance. This is simply a phenomenal group of musicians & vocalists, playing meticulous attention to every note and inflection. And their fun was infectious! Wouldn’t hesitate to pay twice as much to see them perform again. Simply wonderful – will always remember this night!

  25. The sound was not the best at the fine Arts Center…too bad because I have seen this band so many times in the past and this one was a bit disappointing, I would probably not go back to the fine Arts center in Amherst to see another show! I will however continue to see the Fab Faux at better sounding venues!

  26. Never thought I would be bothered by loud music, but it could have been turned down just a little. The mix was up and down, and yes the bar line was long, but I would go again tomorrow if they came back.

  27. I paid $130. for two tickets to see an 8 p,m playing of SGT Pepper but didn’t hear it start till 9:45 p.m. I left at 10 p.m. .

  28. Was disappointed in the sound…too loud, so you didn’t get the sweet melodic sound that the Beatles music really had. Perhaps it was the venue, as several have suggested.

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