Shanghai Acrobats of the People’s Republic of China

Wednesday, November 9, 2016 7:30pm

General Admission: $40, $35, $20; Five College, GCC and 17 & Under: $15, $12, $10

One of China’s most outstanding acrobatic troupes, the Shanghai Acrobats full company and its multiple performing groups give more than two thousand performances in China and hundreds of performances abroad each year. The company continues to win awards nationally and internationally for their unique acts, including Icarian umbrellas, head jumping monks, Shadow of Cards magic, the Butterfly Lovers aerial silk act, and many more. The Shanghai Acrobats will perform their brand new show, “Shanghai Nights,” at the FAC.

13 Replies to “Shanghai Acrobats of the People’s Republic of China”

  1. What a wonderful show – the sheer strength and athleticism of the performers was amazing…the choreography was beautiful…loved the performers with the plates on stilts with the beautifully lit white dresses!

  2. Loved it. My wee kiddos were up past their bedtime and stayed awake in rapture the whole way through. Some favorite acts were the women passing/juggling the large balls with hands and feet, the ring jumping, and the chair balancing.

  3. Fantastic show! Loved the whole thing, but my particular faves were the pile of chairs, the plate-spinning women in stilts and white skirts, and the ethereal woman in the sky-hoop.

  4. We LOVED it. It was a beautiful show to see and to experience. I liked the idea of a “theme” behind the amazing acrobatics. Costumes were fantastic. Suddenly, I could not believe we could be attending such a world-class show in dear, little Amherst!

  5. This performance was SPECTACULAR! Truly MESMERIZING! My son was in awe the entire show! Plus, it was fantastic to be back on campus! I love UMASS and the FAC!

  6. Awesome! Fantabulous! Favorite was the women on stilts spinning the plates. Even when the show ended and people were clapping and preparing to leave, the individual I had accompanied to the show did not want to leave. She was in awe of all the costumes and wanted to see more! Excellent performance.

  7. MG is all about dragons wizzards princess’ and princes, he likes to meditate and imagine a lot it helps him cope and relax. Yesterday I could tell he pictured himself on stage with everyone performing. He would close his eyes a few times and smile I could tell he imagined himself on stage it was so cute and sweet. He woke up this morning and all he talked about was the performance.
    This was a staff that took a client to the show. I want to thank the FAC and UMass for offering Servicenet the tickets for a couple of our individuals. The other gentleman who attended sad it was “amazing”.

  8. Visually stunning! The women spinning the plates was so beautiful! An excellent offering by the FAC!

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