Thursday, October 13, 2016 7:30pm

General admission: $45, $40, $20; Five College, GCC, and 17 & Under: $10

International sensation Mariza returns to the FAC with her bewitching renditions of fado – the haunting torch songs of old Portugal rooted in folk poetry, Arabic cadences, and African and Brazilian rhythms. With her majestic beauty, impassioned performances and dramatic stage presence, she is a reigning diva in world music, bringing a thrilling contemporary edge to fado’s ancient sound.

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  1. Mariza was incredible! She knows how to work the audience. She is very sweet and personable. And ,needless to say, her music us beautiful and so passionate. Thank you to FAC for bringing her to our area. Those if us who are Portuguese so appreciate being able to see and hear her live. It is equally wonderful for us to share some of our culture and music with so many who know very little about our small and quiet country. The woman sitting next to me and never seen or heard her music and she told me she was amazed and delighted.
    Thank you so much and please continue to bring us diverse music genres and dance.


  2. I took my elderly parents to the show. From the ordering of the tickets, to the will call contact and the handicapped seating, the staff was wonderful. Campus police officers were polite and helpful with traffic control. Free parking in a well lit parking lot. The show was very good. A good time was had by all. Excellent experience.

  3. I TRULY enjoyed Mariza’s performance. Her voice was both haunting and mesmerizing. I genuinely felt the love she and her musicians invoked for this genre of music and I’m extremely grateful I was there to experience it . Thank You!

  4. Mariza is wonderful singer. Her show always brings what she has best to offer. This is the second time I watch Mariza sing, I also was on the show in 2009, in this same theater. She’s like good wine, it gets better with time.

  5. The combination of the classical/Portuguese guitars and the stunning voice of Mariza (singing in Portuguese, which I do not understand) conveyed a depth of emotion (tears and joy) that I have rarely felt in over 50 years of listening to live music.

  6. I bought my wife a native Portuguese speaker from Brazil to the show because she dreamed of seeing Mariza live.

    While not a Portuguese speaker myself I was very moved by the music, her fantastic voice and energy on stage.

    Suffix to say my wife Sara absolutely loved the performance. It was a night to remember and we loved the intimate setting at the FACT.

    Lastly her musical accompaniment were excellent.

    Great night with Mariza.

  7. A gorgeous voice; her opening piece moved me to tears. Plus a sweet, engaging stage presence. Add to that the excellent guitarists and drummer, and it was an evening that will stay with me for a long time.

  8. Fabulous concert – this was the first time we had seen Mariza and will come again if she returns to Amherst. Her voice was mesmerizing, stage presence terrific, and her band very talented.

  9. I am going to set up a tent along the coast of Portugal near to where I can hear Mariza perform along with her musicians in a small club, (sans microphone). All kidding aside, (sort of), throughout my day her angelic, sweet voice moves me. Mariza exudes love, (love for singing, for music, her audience, her musicians, her country, her language and culture, and for all people. How she brought the audience alive, up on their feet moving, singing and clapping, is her very power.

  10. To recognize mastery of any discipline is as important as experiencing it in whatever form it may be in. The foundations of which are built by time, trial and the focus of the deepest passion and commitment. Mariza is a powerful reminder that many have come before us and left us there legacy to behold in wonder and with joy. She has carried these gifts forward and they can be heard streaming through her as she leaves her audiences stunned and in awe of her beauty and depth of delivery. What is so touching is her very sincere and powerful ability to align the deepest human emotions to the most colorful and beautiful music in the world, music of the people. We all sat there knowing that we were experiencing something much greater than the sum of its parts courtesy of one of our times greatest talents.


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