Tuesday, April 12 and Wednesday, April 13 at 7:30p.m., Fine Arts Center Concert Hall
$50, $45, $15; Five College, GCC and 17 & under $30, $20, $15

STOMP is explosive, provocative, sophisticated, sexy, utterly unique and appeals to audiences of all ages. The international percussion sensation has garnered an armful of awards and rave reviews, and has appeared on numerous national television shows. The eight-member troupe uses everything but conventional percussion instruments – matchboxes, wooden poles, brooms, garbage cans, Zippo lighters, hubcaps – to fill the stage with magnificent rhythms. The return of the percussive hit also brings some new surprises, with some sections of the show now updated and restructured and the addition of two new full-scale routines, utilizing props like tractor tire inner tubes and paint cans. As USA Today says, “STOMP finds beautiful noises in the strangest places.” STOMP. See what all the noise is about.


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  1. That was a blast! I’m so glad I finally had a good chance to see STOMP! And a great facility.

  2. Clap your hands! The interplay with the audience and the performers during the performance of “STOMP’ was entertaining, fun and exciting. ‘STOMP’ will sweep you away. Such physical grace stomping with mundane things which uniquely created sound effects that were rhythmical, upbeat and in sync. The performance was wild and zany with a touch of play. How did the director ever come up with such an idea to use such everyday objects to create such exciting sounds, bells, bangs, boom… amazing! Kudos to the choreographer and the performers for an awesome production.

    For me, the time passed so quickly, and when it was over I left the theatre wanting to stomp and dance. So wil

  3. Wonderful show– tremendous energy. What a great audience as well! We brought the entire family ( of 8) and everyone loved it ( from age 9 to 62)

  4. I just loved this performance! I had heard people talking about how awesome it was and even watched a few youtube video’s, but to see it live, WOW, what a show!!! The part where they got up on the wall was just amazing – this is a must see!

  5. This was the third time I’ve seen Stomp – and the experience never pales. My favorite passages were the “musical” rubber pipes and the naughty kitchen sinks. Loved the humor throughout, especially the antics of the Waldo type character with the bobble hat.

  6. AMAZING! I have wanted to see this performance for years and it was worth the wait! The combination of precision timing, amazing percussion, extremely athletic choreography and humor were just perfection! We drove two hours to see the performance and raved about it all the way home. So many favorites, but the musicality of the rubber pipes still stands out in my head, as well as the split-second timing and coordination of the Zippo segment.

  7. The show was amazing! Even from the top balcony. I’m so glad I got to go, the energy was amazing and the humor kept me laughing the whole way through. From all that I knew about them I had high expectations and it was even better then I imagined

  8. Fun, fun, fun! I really enjoyed hearing the laughs of the littles in the audience. The physicality of the performers was admirable. I saw Stomp years ago in NYC and I wasn’t sure how it would compare…..was not disappointed last night. And the alum discount was a bonus! Thank you UMass for continually bringing high quality, affordable performances to Amherst.

  9. Absolutely loved it! Amazing choreography, great energy, creative rhythms, humor. Great for all ages!

  10. Went with my wife and teenage kids. We all loved it. Incredible talent and artistry in both design and execution

  11. I didn’t expect the physical comedy to be so great! An unexpected addition to the already delightful work. Pure fun.

  12. Really fun! Inventive, humorous, athletic, lively, and great percussion! Good interaction with the audience. I laughed, smiled, and thorougly enjoyed myself.

  13. Such an awesome show. Parking was easy and i had a great time. Stomp was perfect and intense

  14. What a fantastic experience. My son, who is a hard one to please, when asked which part was his favorite said, “All of it!”
    My favorite parts were the tonality of the floppy pipe section with the moody lighting, and the full onslaught of sound with the flying, swinging musicians in relation to the “trash wall”.

  15. What a wonderful performance! It is so wonderful to see this caliber of performance at the FAC! Please continue the good work you do bringing such wonderful performers to our campus.

  16. Waited so long to see this show and knew immediately when I saw it was coming to UMass I would get tickets, even if I had to go alone. This show did not disappoint, it was entertaining from the moment they started til the moment they ended. Absolutely fantastic show. The energy & interaction with the audience was fabulous…..Thank you for bringing this show to UMass.

  17. The show was very impressive musically, visually, and with the wit and character of the performers! Definitely a must see!

  18. Wish it had started earlier on a school night because we had to leave at 8:30. my 6-yr old son liked best the part where they spread sand on the stage, and the warrior-like poles, and the rubber tubes. I pointed out the athleticism, but my favorite moment was the random shopping-cart full of cans rattling across the stage.

  19. What an awesome show!! I am president of our local middle/high school’s music booster program and with the help of local grants took a large number of students to see the performance. The middle and high school students loved the show, giving them two standing ovations! That says a lot!! The music was amazing! The choreography was impeccable! And, the theatrics were so much fun!! I am so thankful we chose to take our students to see STOMP!

    On another note (pun intended), the staff at the Fine Arts Center Box Office was so helpful and easy to work with while coordinating such a large group. I had called multiple times and spoke with multiple people. Each one was helpful, and worked hard to make our trip a wonderful experience.

  20. A stunning auditory performance, as well as an unexpected visual performance. I never realized I was making music when I was taking the garbage out, sweeping the floor, or replacing a tube in a tire! Rock on STOMP!

  21. The show was fantastic. I think my favorite portion of the show was the routine with the lighters. It was amazing!!!

  22. I loved the creative musical instruments and the subtle comedy throughout the entire performance. Exhilarating performance? I left making music on a candy wrapper :).

  23. So much fun and talent! Great music reminiscent of numerous genres, theatre, physical strength, humor… And definitely cool. Was loving the giggles from kids in the audience and then I heard my own giggles erupt 🙂

  24. Very enjoyable show – good mix of tonal and atonal percussion, physical comedy, and excellent choreography overall. Very nice outing for the entire family.

  25. The Stomp show was amazing!! My girlfriend and I brought our 9 year old daughter and she loved it. She had been watching YouTube videos about this show for months so when my girlfriend found out they were going to Umass she bought tickets and took the night off from work so our daughter could experience it live! My daughters favorite part of the show was the newspaper portion, she laughed so much. My girlfriends favorite part of the show was when they performed with the sinks. Finally my favorite part was when they performed the finally, it was so entertaining.

  26. great show, fun and exhilarating!!! I didn’t expect it to be so humorous.


  27. That was just amazing! My son and I had a great time and were both so hypnotized by the lighter act!! They are very talented…and in great shape 🙂 to be able to perform like that. They really give it their all. Kudos to them!!

  28. What an amazing performance! The dance scene with grocery carts was hysterical! What would folks at Big Y think? I loved the way the cast was able to communicate with the audience without any dialog, thier body language was beautiful…and funny! I brought my two boys, ages 9 and 11, and they both were enthralled the ENITIRE time. That is an amazing feat right there…

  29. Fabulous show ! The Kitchen sink & shopping cart acts were Great ! The whole show was just full of energy , never boring , funny, creative ,interactive . Just plain fun & entertainment for all ages .

  30. the performers of STOMP are dancers, comedians, musicians, jugglers, and actors all rolled into one. and they are absolutely great at each of those individual endevours. great show!!!

  31. Awesome show! My 3 year old sons eyes didn’t leave the stage the entire show! He’s told all his classmates all about it and can’t wait to see them again!

  32. It was amazing — those two hours went by so quickly — they are such an incredibly talented group of performers. Outstanding — I’d highly recommend it to everyone– FANTASTIC!

  33. Great memories of the absolutely best consecutive 110 minutes I ever experienced in my 70 years — shared with jubilant children and grandchildren.

  34. They left their soul on stage and take mine! What an incredible spectacle!
    Tons of energy, creativity and fun! Thanks Umass for such organization and generosity!

  35. This show is so impressive! We at home are looking at everything from a different perspective and it started right away. What fun to just have tbe unique inspiration to pick up random things around the house and start our band! Lol! It’s so cool that my son and I simply looked at a plastic bag, an empty coffee can and we were off! He grabbed his drum sticks and well! It just hasn’t been the samesame! Thank you for such fantasmic performances! Thrilling :)😎😘🎶❤

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