Maria Schneider Orchestra

Saturday, April 9 at 8 p.m., Fine Arts Center Concert Hall, Chamber Seating
General Admission: $12; $7 students

A big-band group led by composer-pianist Maria Schneider blends the freedom of jazz and the structure of classical music. Schneider has garnered nine Grammy nominations and two Grammy wins, and her music has been hailed by critics as “evocative, majestic, magical, heart-stoppingly gorgeous, and beyond categorization.” Since 1994 Schneider has honed her compositions and conducting to highlight the uniquely creative voices of the group, made up of many of the finest musicians in jazz today.

William Parker

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5 Replies to “Maria Schneider Orchestra”

  1. I had no idea who Maria Schneider is but several people recommended that I check her out. WOW! What an unbelievable evening. Thank you so much FAC for bringing her here. Not only is she an amazing composer and conductor but also a very dynamic woman. Please bring her back. The house will be filled next time.

  2. Ms. Schneider and her crew of incredibly talented musicians provided the audience with a transcendent experience. My partner and I remarked that it may have been the best jazz concert we have ever attended (and we have been exposed to much music!).

    When a composer conducts, it brings forth an energy that takes one’s breath away. “Nimbus” was sublime. Thank you, UMass and Jeff Holmes, for bringing this orchestra to western MA. Brava!

  3. I loved the show! The music is full of subtly and warmth and it softly touches
    the soul. Being a jazz pianist and composer myself, I can really appreciate her
    unique talents. Love the way she employs each musicians unique talents in her works.
    It is really a collective, different than the regular combining of instrumentalists.

    Thank You UMass and Jeff Holmes for bringing her her again!

  4. Not only a talented composer and conductor, but a true leader in her profession. We were fortunate enough to arrive early and hear Maria Schneider speak about the way composers and artists are compensated by the record labels, but also the way they are NOT compensated by Spotify or Pandaro. I used to be a fan of both apps, but no longer. Everyone deserves to be paid for their services including artistic services that improve life for everyone. All artists, but especially young artists, are fortunate that Ms. Schnieder advocates before Congress, in public, and otherwise for fair compensation.

    The show — I was mesmerized by the performance and could “feel” the music. I appreciated the introductions to each song by Ms. Schneider. The solo musicians were excellent and you felt like part of an extended family while they performed.

  5. Maria Schneider and Orchestra were terrific!!!!! It has been a long time I haven’t seem such a extraordinary performance. My 13 years old daughter and I had an amazing time!
    She is amazing and inspiring

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