A New Website

Over the course of the spring and summer of 2011 the Fine Arts Center staff has been hard at work launching a new website for our patrons.  We put a lot of thought into the look, navigation, and content of the site—all with the patron in mind.  We hope that this gives you a better online experience with the FAC.

How is it different?

The Site: The new website was designed by Matt Jasiorkowski, UMass Amherst Creative Services Art Director and produced by Christine Texiera, the FAC’s Technology Manager.  It was created using Audience View—an integrated package of ticketing, marketing, and fundraising software.

The site is now dynamic. Our old site, though database driven, was manually generated and placed on the webserver.  This is why sometimes if an event occured on Saturday you would still see it on the upcoming listing until Monday morning.  Now, as the janitorial staff are sweeping the aisles and the gallery staff are switching off the exhibition lighting for the evening, the listings will be rolling over to what’s next!

More control for the patron on email communication.  If you have a login with us you can now control which emails you receive from the FAC with one click.  Additionally, the opt-out of emails will be automatic and instantaneous. Did you know that we were manually changing email preferences for every unsubscribe? Well, our interns are happy not to have to do that data entry anymore!  This will start on September 1st but you can make the changes now.

Choose from the following check boxes to control your inbox entries from the FAC.
If you have questions about your account feel free to contact the Fine Arts Center’s Technology Staff.

Better Email Communication: Our pre-event emails will go out automatically two weeks before an event and nightly for new ticket buyers.  The post-event follow up will be sent shortly after the curtain closes.  For our visual arts patrons, add your voice by commenting on the exhibitions electronically. Of course, we all still have pens so feel free to leave comments in the paper guest books available at each gallery and museum.  If you’d like to comment electronically later be sure to leave your email in the guestbook and we’ll email you a link.  Like last year, people who comment on an event or exhibition will be entered to win free tickets to a FAC performance.

Coming soon: Pick a seat and get a preview of the line of sight from that seat; better email offers; and the ability to use your email as your username so you won’t forget it!

Feel free to comment on the site.  Let us know what you like and what you’d like to see!