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Fall 2016 Lab News

Forthcoming papers from the lab this fall are on an unusually wide range of topics.  Starns, Chen, and Staub (in press) use eye movements to investigate the forced choice recognition memory paradigm; Staub, Dillon, and Clifton (in press) find that readers do have difficulty with the matrix verb following an object relative clause; and Kingston, Levy, Rysling, and Staub (in press) learn more about the timing of the classic Ganong effect on speech perception by recording participants’ eye movements.

  • Starns, J. J., Chen, T., & Staub, A. (in press). Eye movements in forced-choice recognition: Absolute judgments can preclude relative judgments. Journal of Memory and Language.
  • Staub, A., Dillon, B., and Clifton, C., Jr. (in press). The matrix verb as a source of comprehension difficulty in object relative sentences. Cognitive Science.
  • Kingston, J., Levy, J., Rysling, A., & Staub, A. (in press). Eye movement evidence for an immediate Ganong effect. Journal of Experimental Psychology: Human Perception & Performance

The lab meeting time this Fall will be Friday at 2:00.  We will not meet every week.

Visitor news:  Francesca Foppolo was here again this summer; we worked on understanding agreement with disjunctive subjects.  We welcome Noemi Farina Diaz this semester, a visiting PhD student from the Basque Center on Cognition, Brain, and Language.


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Fall 2016 Openings for Undergraduate Research Assistants

I expect to take on a couple of new undergraduate Research Assistants in the Eyetracking Lab in Fall 2016.  Interested students should contact me (Adrian Staub) by email.  Research Assistants receive course credit through Psych 398B.  Background in cognitive psychology and/or linguistics is helpful, but not required.  However, an interest in these topics is required!

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Fall 2015 Lab Meetings

We will have lab meetings at 4:00 on the following Tuesdays:  9/29, 10/6, 10/27, 11/17, 12/1, and 12/8.

On 9/29, Amanda Rysling will lead a discussion of Berhard Angele and Titus von der Malsburg’s manuscript on correcting Type I error rate in eyetracking experiments.

On 10/27, Lap Keung will give a practice talk for the agreement workshop.

The other topics are still TBD.

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Spring 2014 Lab Meetings

All meetings are Friday at 10:00, in the Eyetracking Lab.

Tentative Schedule:

February 14:  Fiona Weiss

February 28:  Brian Dillon

March 7:  Lisa Fiorenzo

March 28:  Kris Curro

April 11:  Lap Keung

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Fall 2013 Lab Meetings

Lab meetings this semester will be on Wednesday at 4:00.  Here is a tentative schedule of the days we are meeting, and the presenter:

September 25:  Josh Levy

October 16:  Dick Bogartz

October 30:  Lap Keung

November 6:  Brian Dillon

November 20:  Shayne Sloggett

December 4:  Kris Curro