Spring 2019 Lab News

Three posters featuring work from our lab will be at this year’s CUNY Conference at the University of Colorado Boulder:

  • Mayer, E., Dillon, B., & Staub, A. The (non-)influence of even’s likelihood-based presupposition on lexical predictability effects.  
  • Burnsky, J., & Staub, A. Cloze completions reveal misinterpretation of noncanonical sentences.  
  • Sloggett, S., Rysling, A., & Staub, A. Linguistic focus as predictive attention allocation.  

In addition, two outstanding undergraduate honors students will be presenting their thesis work at the Massachusetts Undergraduate Research Conference:

  • Serene Elbach, ERPs Related to Word Skipping: An Analysis Using Coregistration of EEG and Eye Movements
  • Laurel Whitfield, Syntactic Processing in Beginning Readers:  Evidence from Eye Movements

Laurel is also the recipient of the Research Assistant Appreciation Award, which is a competitive award given each year to an outstanding senior in the Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences!

Finally, the lab will be very well represented in June at Psycholinguistics in Iceland: Parsing and Prediction, where Jon Burnsky, Erika Mayer, and Bojana Ristic are all giving talks, and where Adrian is a keynote speaker.

It’s been a busy spring!

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