Summer 2017 Lab News

We’re saying goodbye this summer to a crew of excellent undergraduate RAs.  Sophia Dodge will be entering the PhD program in School Psychology at the University of Wisconsin Madison.  Kirk Goddard will be entering the Masters program in the Cognitive Neuroscience of Language at the Basque Center on Cognition, Brain and Language in San Sebastian, Spain.  Congratulations, Sophia and Kirk!

This Fall we’ll also be welcoming back some fantastic continuing undergrad RAs (Audrey O’Neill and Laurel Whitfield) and welcoming some new ones (Serene Elbach and Marcos Coli).

We’re also excited to welcome Jon Burnsky, who will be starting in the lab this Fall as a new PhD student.  Jon comes from the University of Maryland, where he worked as a Research Assistant with Colin Phillips and Ellen Lau.

We also thank the National Science Foundation Division of Behavioral and Cognitive Sciences for a new grant that will support our work over the next three years.  This grant, entitled “Effects of lexical predictability on foveal and parafoveal processing in reading” (Adrian Staub, PI; Lisa Sanders Co-PI), funds a series of eyetracking experiments using the boundary paradigm that we hope will help us better understand how predictability influences lexical processing.  Some of these experiments involve co-registration of eye movements and EEG.

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