State House News Service Available Now

State House News Service is a privately-owned wire service for Massachusetts state government news. You can track bills, read press releases, see the State House daily schedule and House and Senate session statuses, view budgets, and much more.

The Libraries have subscribed to access for 25 users per day. If you’d like assistance using this resource, Ask Us.

Congress Collection, Voting & Elections Added

The Congress Collection and Voting and Elections have been added to CQ Press Political Reference Suite. The Congress Collection provides analysis of members of Congress voting records, interest groups and public policy making. You can find policy analysis to topic, vote tallies and descriptions, votes by Congressional Session going back to the 79th Congress (1945), and you can compare voting records of different members.

The Voting and Elections Collection provides data and analysis of elections in America back to 1789. You can browse voting records in primary and general elections by state and year, for example; find candidates and their election results; and compare election results from Gubernatorial, Congressional and Presidential elections.

If you’d like assistance using this rich data source, Ask Us!

Coverage Added to ProQuest Congressional Collections

The Libraries have added coverage to the following  ProQuest Congressional Collections:

  • Congressional Hearings, 2011-2013
  • Congressional Record, 1998-2001
  • U.S. Serial Set II, 2012-2013

These complement previously purchased date coverage for these collections, as well as Bills & Laws, Legislative Histories, House & Senate Documents and other collections.

If you have questions about using these collections, Ask Us!