U.S. Political Stats Database Added

U.S. Political Stats from CQ Press is a data visualization and research tool for data on Congress, the Supreme Court, and the Presidency. You can browse through data categories such as campaign finances, floor votes, interest group scores and Supreme Court cases; policy categories such as budget & taxation, immigration, veterans affairs, science, technology & communication; and by states and districts. You can also search by keyword and narrow your terms to apply to data, policy or branch categories. The results are displayed in charts or tables, and you can compare data sets.

If you have questions about using this resource, Ask Us!

Trial for Human Rights Studies Online

Human Rights Studies Online collects videos and texts on over 35 human rights violation and atrocity crime events between 1900 and 2010, from the Holocaust to Chile-Pinochet Regime, Ottoman Empire and Armenia, the Troubles of Northern Ireland, Cambodia and more. Documentation includes contemporary personal accounts; contemporaneous media coverage, government, NGO and court reports; selected works of art and literature; and documentaries, interviews, essays, monographs and articles.

You can browse the collections by event, theme, discipline perspective, or subject, place, organization and more. Simple and advanced search options provide many filters and limits using the extensive metadata and indexing.

The trial goes through January 17th, 2015. Purchase price for Human Rights Studies Online is $29,000, or we can pay an annual subscription fee of $3,703. Please tell us what you think about this collection.

State House News Service Available Now

State House News Service is a privately-owned wire service for Massachusetts state government news. You can track bills, read press releases, see the State House daily schedule and House and Senate session statuses, view budgets, and much more.

The Libraries have subscribed to access for 25 users per day. If you’d like assistance using this resource, Ask Us.

Congress Collection, Voting & Elections Added

The Congress Collection and Voting and Elections have been added to CQ Press Political Reference Suite. The Congress Collection provides analysis of members of Congress voting records, interest groups and public policy making. You can find policy analysis to topic, vote tallies and descriptions, votes by Congressional Session going back to the 79th Congress (1945), and you can compare voting records of different members.

The Voting and Elections Collection provides data and analysis of elections in America back to 1789. You can browse voting records in primary and general elections by state and year, for example; find candidates and their election results; and compare election results from Gubernatorial, Congressional and Presidential elections.

If you’d like assistance using this rich data source, Ask Us!

Trials for 3 Resources on the Ukraine

The Libraries have on trial from East View Information Services three databases covering the Ukraine:

All trials will continue through April 17th, 2014. If you have questions about using any of these resources, please ask us.

Digital National Security Archive now Available

Digital National Security Archive includes 40 collections of declassified government documents covering Afghanistan, Chile, Cuba, Iraq, Japan, and many other countries, as well as policy makers such as Henry Kissinger and U.S. Presidents Truman, Carter, Bush and Obama, and topics like nuclear non-proliferation and terrorism. You can browse through the collections, or search documents, chronologies, glossary or bibliographies.

For assistance using this new resource, contact a librarian.

Explore Social Sciences Abstracts

Social Sciences Abstracts is a good starting place to identify scholarly literature in the fields of criminal justice, economics, education, political science, sociology, cultural studies, and gender and sexuality studies. It provides indexing and abstracts for over 625 English language journals published in the United States since 1983. The UMass Amherst Libraries subscription to Social Sciences Abstracts is on the Ebscohost platform. Full-text from the article abstracts can be obtained through the UMLinks menu.

If you have questions about this resource, contact Steve McGinty, Social Sciences Research Services Librarian, at 413-545-1871 or Ask a Librarian.

New E-Book Collections from Project Muse

The Libraries have purchased two Project Muse e-book collections:

  • Film, Theater and Performing Arts – 120 titles published in 2012,
  • Political Science and Policy Studies – 231 titles published in 2012.

Multiple people can use each e-book simultaneously.  You can search the contents of the book, and front matter and book chapters are available as PDF files.

If you have questions about using these e-books, ask a reference librarian.