New Online Reference Sources

The following e-reference titles have been added to the UMass Amherst collections. You can find them by searching in the UMass Amherst library catalog and UMA WorldCat:

  • Encyclopedia of Life Sciences
  • Encyclopedia of Polymer Science & Technology
  • Handbook of Green Chemistry
  • International Encyclopedia of Education
  • Protein Science Encyclopedia

If you have questions about using any of these sources, contact a reference librarian.

Trial for CAB E-Books

The Libraries now have a trial for CAB e-books published by CABI since 2000. The entire CAB collection includes over 500 titles covering the applied life sciences, with collections of titles in agriculture; animal and veterinary science; environmental life sciences; human health, food and nutrition; leisure and tourism; and plant sciences.

The trial goes through June 15th. Contact Naka Ishii, ISEL Reference Librarian, at 413-545-1656 with questions or comments.

New Science E-Reference Titles

The following science reference e-books are now available through the UMass Amherst library catalog and UMA WorldCat:

  • Comprehensive Nano Science & Technology
  • Comprehensive Natural Products II
  • Encyclopedia of Animal Behavior
  • Encyclopedia of Chemical Biology
  • Encyclopedia of Computer Science and Engineering
  • Encyclopedia of Polymer Science and Technology

Contact a reference librarian with any questions you may have about using these resources.

New E-Reference Titles

The following reference e-books are now available through the UMass Amherst library catalog and UMA WorldCat:

  • American incomes: demographics of who has money, 8th ed.
  • Best customers: demographics of consumer demand, 8th ed.
  • Complete costume dictionary
  • Encyclopedia of Management, 2012 edition
  • International Encyclopedia of Education
  • The SAGE handbook of organizational institutionalism

Contact a reference librarian with any questions you may have about using these resources.

New Oxford Handbooks for Business and Management

The Libraries have added the Oxford Handbooks Online for Business and Management. This collection includes the following 28 titles:

  • Oxford Handbook of Business and Government, David Coen, Wyn Grant, and Graham Wilson (eds)
  • Oxford Handbook of Business and the Natural Environment, Pratima Bansal and Andrew J. Hoffman (eds)
  • Oxford Handbook of Business Groups, Asli M. Colpan, Takashi Hikino, and James R. Lincoln (eds)
  • Oxford Handbook of Business History, Geoffrey Jones and Jonathan Zeitlin (eds)
  • Oxford Handbook of Comparative Institutional Analysis, Glenn Morgan, John L. Campbell, Colin Crouch, Ove Kaj Pedersen, and Richard Whitley (eds)
  • Oxford Handbook of Corporate Social Responsibility, Andrew Crane, Abagail McWilliams, Dirk Matten, Jeremy Moon, and Donald S. Siegel (eds)
  • Oxford Handbook of Critical Management Studies, Mats Alvesson, Todd Bridgman, and Hugh Willmott (eds)
  • Oxford Handbook of Entrepreneurship, Mark Casson, Bernard Yeung, Anuradha Basu, and Nigel S. Wadeson (eds)
  • Oxford Handbook of Human Capital, Alan Burton-Jones and J.-C. Spender (eds)
  • Oxford Handbook of Human Resource Management, Peter Boxall, John Purcell, and Patrick Wright (eds)
  • Oxford Handbook of Information and Communication Technologies, Robin Mansell, Chrisanthi Avgerou, Danny Quah, and Roger Silverstone (eds)
  • Oxford Handbook of Innovation, Jan Fagerberg, David C. Mowery, and Richard R. Nelson (eds)
  • Oxford Handbook of Inter-Organizational Relations, Steve Cropper, Mark Ebers, Chris Huxham, and Peter Smith Ring (eds)
  • Oxford Handbook of International Business, Alan M. Rugman (ed.)
  • Oxford Handbook of Management Information Systems, Robert D. Galliers and Wendy L. Currie (eds)
  • Oxford Handbook of Organization Theory, Haridimos Tsoukas and Christian Knudsen (eds)
  • Oxford Handbook of Organizational Decision Making, Gerard P. Hodgkinson and William H. Starbuck (eds)
  • Oxford Handbook of Organizational Well-Being, Susan Cartwright and Cary L. Cooper (eds)
  • Oxford Handbook of Participation in Organizations, Adrian Wilkinson, Paul J. Gollan, Mick Marchington, and David Lewin (eds)
  • Oxford Handbook of Pensions and Retirement Income, Gordon L. Clark, Alicia H. Munnell, and J. Michael Orszag (eds)
  • Oxford Handbook of Personnel Psychology, Susan Cartwright and Cary L. Cooper (eds)
  • Oxford Handbook of Project Management, Peter W. G. Morris, Jeffrey K. Pinto, and Jonas Söderlund (eds)
  • Oxford Handbook of Public Management, Ewan Ferlie, Laurence E. Lynn, Jr., and Christopher Pollitt (eds)
  • Oxford Handbook of Regulation, Robert Baldwin, Martin Cave, and Martin Lodge (eds)
  • Oxford Handbook of Sociology and Organization Studies, Paul S. Adler (ed.)
  • Oxford Handbook of Strategic Sales and Sales Management, David W. Cravens, Kenneth Le Meunier-FitzHugh, and Nigel F. Piercy (eds)
  • Oxford Handbook of Strategy, David O. Faulkner and Andrew Campbell (eds)
  • Oxford Handbook of Work and Organization, Stephen Ackroyd, Rosemary Batt, Paul Thompson, and Pamela S. Tolbert (eds)

If you would like assistance using these sources, contact Mike Davis, Business Reference Librarian, at 413-545-6822.

New Reference Titles

The Libraries have activated the following new reference e-books. You may find them in the UMass Amherst library catalog:

  • The American marketplace: demographics and spending patterns, 10th ed.
  • The art & craft of case writing, 3rd ed.
  • Encyclopedia Islamic Finance
  • Encyclopedia of climate and weather
  • Encyclopedia of Sports Management and Marketing
  • Forecasting financial markets: the psychology of successful investing 6th ed
  • Green logistics: improving the environmental sustainability of logistics
  • Handbook of international corporate governance, 2nd ed.
  • How to write persuasively today
  • International communications strategy: developments in cross-cultural communications, PR and social media

If you would like assistance using any of these sources, contact a reference librarian.

Encyclopedia of Geography Added

The Libraries now have the Encyclopedia of Geography online from Sage Reference. You can search for terms or browse through thematic entries covering physical geography; human geography; nature and society; methods, models and GIS; history of geography; and people, organizations and movements. The 1,127 entries include graphs, images and maps, and each entry has a further readings section.

For assistance with this new reference source, contact Maxine Schmidt, Geosciences liaison librarian, at 413-545-6739.

Synthesis Computer and Information Science Collection Added

The Libraries have recently purchased the Synthesis Computer and Information Science Collection Four, a subject sub-collection of the Synthesis Digital Library of Engineering and Computer Science Collection Four. The Libraries also have Synthesis Digital Library of Engineering and Computer Science Collections One, Two, and Three. Each lecture is in an e-book format and covers a research or development topic. Topical series include Algorithms and Software in Engineering, Artificial Intelligence in Machine Learning, Biomaterials, Data Management, Semantic Web: Theory and Technology, Synthetic Biology, and many more.

For assistance with these resources, contact Paulina Borrego, Computer Science Liaison Librarian, at 413-545-7891.