Global Plants is Here and Growing

Global Plants is a growing database of images, naming structures, locality and country, collector and collection of plants from over 300 herbaria around the world. Related materials, such as correspondence, diaries and paintings from plant collectors, reference sources, articles, maps and more are presented with each entry. You can browse by taxonomy, resource type, geography, herbarium or collection, and you can search by keyword, title, biological classification and more.

Global Plants is produced by the Global Plants Initiative and hosted by JSTOR. If you have questions about this resource or would like assistance using it, contact Madeleine Charney, Sustainability Studies Liaison Librarian, at 413-545-0784.

Explore Sustainability Watch

Within the past several months the UMass Amherst Libraries have added the Sustainability Watch database from Ebsco. You can browse or search for over 220 summaries of topics from airline emissions to climate change policy in Australia, carbon trading, green cleaning products, light rail, and smart metering. Each summary provides a basic overview of related issues and has a list of references. You can focus your search by geography, NAICS code, ticker symbol, publication date and more.

If you’d like to know more about Sustainability Watch and how to use it, contact Madeleine Charney, Sustainability Studies liaison, at 413-577-0784, or ask a librarian.

Explore GREENR

The Libraries recently added a subscription to GREENR, a compilation of journal articles, encyclopedia entries, web sites and case studies on the environment, energy and natural resources. You can browse by topic or geography, or search by keyword, author, person, company, etc. GREENR includes audio and video clips, as well as newswires and blog entries and you can identify these through the Advanced Search.

GREENR is paid for with the Libraries’ Sustainability Fund. Contact Madeleine Charney, Sustainability Studies Liaison at 413-577-0784 with your questions or comments.

New E-Journals Added

The Libraries have activated the following new e-journal subscriptions. You may find them in the UMass Amherst library catalog or the E-Journal List:

  • Asian Cinema 2012 –
  • British journal of nursing: BJN 1995 –
  • Global society: journal of interdisciplinary international relations 1996 –
  • Journal of African diaspora archaeology and heritage 2012 –
  • Journal of island and coastal archaeology 2006 –
  • Mathematical thinking and learning 1999 –
  • Parallax 1995 –
  • Performance research 2006 –
  • Preternature 2012 –
  • Studies in Eastern European cinema 2012 –
  • The Journal of orthopaedic and sports physical therapy 1979 –
  • Water international 1997 –

New Online Reference Sources

The following e-reference titles have been added to the UMass Amherst collections. You can find them by searching in the UMass Amherst library catalog and UMA WorldCat:

  • BioOne 2 – Bioscience research journals in full text. Includes access journals. Coverage varies; earliest is 1994-present.
  • GREENER – A mix of journal articles, encyclopedia entries, case studies and web sites on environmental issues, arranged topically and/or geographically.
  • Sustainability Watch – Summaries of current issues in sustainability, with bibliographies.
  • If you have questions about using any of these sources, contact a Reference Librarian

Trial for CAB E-Books

The Libraries now have a trial for CAB e-books published by CABI since 2000. The entire CAB collection includes over 500 titles covering the applied life sciences, with collections of titles in agriculture; animal and veterinary science; environmental life sciences; human health, food and nutrition; leisure and tourism; and plant sciences.

The trial goes through June 15th. Contact Naka Ishii, ISEL Reference Librarian, at 413-545-1656 with questions or comments.

Encyclopedia of Inland Waters Added

The e-reference source, Encyclopedia of Inland Waters contains over 240 articles on topics of interest to students and researchers in aquatic biology and ecology, or those people managing water resources. You can browse the articles by subject classification, author, article title or subject index, and you can search the full-text of the source as well.

If you would like assistance using this resource, contact Naka Ishii, Natural Sciences liaison librarian, at 413-545-1656.

Trial for Sustainability Watch

Sustainability Watch contains over 200 reports on topics such as electronic waste, water shortages, high-speed rail, advanced biofuels, etc. and gives best practices for environmental impact, business development, pollution prevention, corporate citizenship and more. You can browse or search by topic, publication, company, geography and NAICS/Industry.

The trial goes through November 5th, 2011. Contact Naka Ishii, Environmental Conservation liaison librarian, at 413-545-1656 with questions or comments.