Statista Trial

Statista, a database of statistics and infographics from 18,000 international sources on industries, companies and popular topics, is on trial through May 12th, 2015. You can search by keyword or browse by industry, industry reports, companies and topics. Topic examples include U.S. e-commerce sales between 2002-2014; global smart phone sales to end users, 2007-2014; annual net revenue of Amazon, 2004-2014; and gang problems in U.S. schools by type, 2011. You can download graphics and data, or imbed them in an HTML page.

The annual subscription price is $5,850. Please give us your feedback. (UMass NetID login required for UMass Apps.)

Trial for JSTOR Sustainability

JSTOR is now offering Sustainability, a digital library of scholarly journals and research reports addressing issues of environmental stress and human security. Coverage is current and interdisciplinary. You can perform a simple search or browse through trending topics such as nitrogen fixation, hydraulic fracturing and oil prices.

The trial continues through August 31st, 2015. Pricing is not yet available. Please give us your feedback. (UMass NetID login required for UMass Apps.)

Two Korean Language Newspaper and Scholarly Article Databases on Trial

The Libraries now have two new trials: Chosun-Ilbo Archive (a Korean language newspaper archive); as well as KISS (Korean Studies  Information Services System) a full text database of Korean scholarly journal articles, university publications and research papers.

The trials go through March 4th, 2015. Please give us your feedback on Chosun-Ilbo Archive and KISS. A UMass NetID login required for UMass Apps.

Trial for Human Rights Studies Online

Human Rights Studies Online collects videos and texts on over 35 human rights violation and atrocity crime events between 1900 and 2010, from the Holocaust to Chile-Pinochet Regime, Ottoman Empire and Armenia, the Troubles of Northern Ireland, Cambodia and more. Documentation includes contemporary personal accounts; contemporaneous media coverage, government, NGO and court reports; selected works of art and literature; and documentaries, interviews, essays, monographs and articles.

You can browse the collections by event, theme, discipline perspective, or subject, place, organization and more. Simple and advanced search options provide many filters and limits using the extensive metadata and indexing.

The trial goes through January 17th, 2015. Purchase price for Human Rights Studies Online is $29,000, or we can pay an annual subscription fee of $3,703. Please tell us what you think about this collection.

GeoScienceWorld E-Journals on Trial

The Libraries have access to the collection of 46 e-journals included in the GeoScienceWorld E-Journal Collection through November 30th. The journals are published by multiple geological societies, such as Seismological Society of America, Geological Society of London, Geological Society of America, Environmental and Engineering Geophysical Society, and others.

Annual subscription cost to the collection is is $16,900. Please give us your feedback. (UMass NetID login required for UMass Apps.)