New Online Reference E-Books

The Libraries have activated the following new reference e-books in Gale Virtual Reference Library. You may find them in the UMass Amherst library catalog:

  • U.S. Immigration & Migration Reference Library
  • VideoHound’s golden movie retriever 2012 edition
  • World eras. Volume 1 : European Renaissance and Reformation, 1350-1600
  • World eras. Volume 2 : Rise and the spread of Islam, 622-1500
  • World eras. Volume 3: Roman Republic and Empire, 264 B.C.E.-476 C.E.
  • Gale encyclopedia of cancer 3rd ed.
  • Gale encyclopedia of genetic disorders 3rd ed.
  • Literature and its times: profiles of 300 notable literary works and the historical events that influenced them (5 volume set and 2 volume supplement)

If you would like assistance using any of these sources, contact a reference librarian.


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