New Royal Society of Chemistry Journals

The Libraries have subscribed to an expanded Royal Society of Chemistry journal package. We now have access to their Journals Archive which includes coverage of 87 titles as far back as 1841. In addition, you may now find the following titles UMass Amherst library catalog or the E-Journal List:

  • Catalysis science & technology, 2011 –
  • Chemical hazards in industry, 2005-
  • Chemical science, 2010-
  • Chemistry world, 2004-
  • Education in Chemistry, 2003-
  • Integrative biology, 2009-
  • Laboratory hazards bulletin, 1981-

We now have access to current content of over 40 RSC e-journals, as well as the Archives. For more information, contact Paulina Borrego, library liaison for chemistry, at 413-545-7891.


This is a shared account and space for the Electronic Resources unit to let you know about: -- online journals and databases we've added or deleted; -- system downtimes and access problems; -- highlights and points of interest.

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