New Electronic Book Collection: Springer eBook Collection

The Libraries have purchased a collection of book series, major reference works and monographs and textbooks published by Springer between 2005 – 2009. The collection of 15,590 works covers:

  • architecture, design & arts
  • behavioral science
  • biomedical & life sciences
  • business & economics
  • chemistry & material sciences
  • computer science
  • earth & environmental science
  • engineering
  • humanities, social sciences & law
  • mathematics
  • medicine
  • physics & astronomy
  • professional computing & web design.

The most titles are available in the computer science, engineering and mathematics disciplines. Individual title records will be available in the UMass Amherst library catalog, and the SpringerLink site offers a search interface for all that Springer has to offer. Items to which the UMass Amherst community has access are denoted with a green box.


This is a shared account and space for the Electronic Resources unit to let you know about: -- online journals and databases we've added or deleted; -- system downtimes and access problems; -- highlights and points of interest.

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