Statista Trial

Statista, a database of statistics and infographics from 18,000 international sources on industries, companies and popular topics, is on trial through May 12th, 2015. You can search by keyword or browse by industry, industry reports, companies and topics. Topic examples include U.S. e-commerce sales between 2002-2014; global smart phone sales to end users, 2007-2014; annual net revenue of Amazon, 2004-2014; and gang problems in U.S. schools by type, 2011. You can download graphics and data, or imbed them in an HTML page.

The annual subscription price is $5,850. Please give us your feedback. (UMass NetID login required for UMass Apps.)

New Resource on the Business of Sports

SportBusiness International provides news, reports and analysis on the international business of sport. You can perform a simple keyword search or browse reports and videos by sector (e.g. media, stadium and venue management, event bidding and awarding, etc.); publication; sport or organization.

If you’d like assistance using this database, contact Mike Davis, Business Reference Librarian, at 545-6822.

ACLS Humanities E-Book Collection Added

The Libraries now subscribe to the Humanities E-Book Collection of over 4,300 e-books from the American Council of Learned Societies. Area and historical topics include African, American, Asian, Australasian/Oceanian, Byzantine, Canadian, Caribbean, Central European, Comparative/World, Eastern European/Russian, Economic, Environmental, European, Jewish Studies, Latin American, Law, LGBT/Queer Studies, Medicine, Methods/Theory, Middle East, Native Peoples of the Americas, Science/Technology, Women’s Studies. HEB also encompasses the fields of Archaeology, Art and Architectural History, Biblical Studies, Bibliographic Studies, Film and Media Studies, Folklore, Linguistics, Literature, Literary Criticism, Musicology, Performance Studies (theater, music, dance), Philosophy, Political Science, Religion, and Sociology.

The collection grows every year. You can consult a current title list. Records for individual e-book titles will be available in the UMass Amherst Library Catalog. If you have questions about this collection, Ask Us!

Trial for JSTOR Sustainability

JSTOR is now offering Sustainability, a digital library of scholarly journals and research reports addressing issues of environmental stress and human security. Coverage is current and interdisciplinary. You can perform a simple search or browse through trending topics such as nitrogen fixation, hydraulic fracturing and oil prices.

The trial continues through August 31st, 2015. Pricing is not yet available. Please give us your feedback. (UMass NetID login required for UMass Apps.)

Dissertations & Theses Goes Global

With our recent renewal of the ProQuest collection we now offer Dissertations & Theses Global which includes more full-text and historical coverage. Graduate works from 700 academic institutions worldwide are added annually. Full-text is available for dissertations added since at least 1997, with many older dissertations also available in full. Citations for some dissertations go back to 1637.

If you have questions about using this resource, Ask Us!

New E-Journals Added

We’ve added subscriptions to several new e-journals. You may find them in the UMass Amherst library catalog or the E-Journal List:

  • The American Archivist, 1938-
  • Annual Review of Organizational Psychology and Organizational Behavior, 2014-
  • Annual Review of Statistics, 2014-
  • Annual Review of Virology, 2014-
  • European Journal of Behavior Analysis, 2000-
  • Journal of the Motherhood Initiative for Research and Community Involvement, 1999-
  • Micropaleontology, 1955-
  • Stratigraphy, 2004-

If you need assistance with any of these journals, Ask Us!