Dr. Kumpel teaches the following classes in Civil and Environmental Engineering at the University of Massachusetts Amherst

CEE 597D: Drinking water and sanitation in developing communities

Description: Concepts include infrastructure used for drinking water and sanitation provision in urban and rural areas in developing countries and the fundamentals of the health-related impacts of water and sanitation including waterborne pathogens, their transmission routes, and prevention, control, and treatment measures. Students will gain insight into considerations of sustainability, reliability, and the non-health impacts of water and sanitation services.
Enrollment: Open to Seniors and Graduate students with a GPA of 3.0 or better. Prerequisites: CE-ENGIN 357 & 370 or permission of the instructor

CE-ENGIN 370 Introduction to Environmental and Water Resources Engineering

With Lab. Introduction to environmental engineering with a focus on physical, chemical, and biological principles. Topics include environmental standards and legislation, material balances, reaction kinetics, environmental chemistry and microbiology, biogeochemical cycles, water quality, water resources, air quality, and solid and hazardous wastes.
Prerequisite: MATH 331 and CHEM 112
Corequisite: CE-ENGIN 357