Why Enroll?

EDUC 202 is general education course (DU) (SB) open to all students from UMass and the Five Colleges. Every spring semester a diverse group of students from a range of majors and disciplines including computer science, education, engineering, public health, management, natural sciences and social sciences and humanities, and from the Five Colleges enroll in the class. This blend of diverse social identities, academic interests, and perspectives enriches our dialogues and enhances the experience for all students. EDUC 202 also fulfills the Diversity (United States) (DU) and Social Behavioral (SB) general education requirements at UMass. 

Keep reading to learn more about how EDUC 202 can complement your area of study, and what other students have to say about their experience in EDUC 202:


Gain skills to develop and target programming for broad, diverse audiences.

“As a computer science student you always focus on developing software that can be used by a majority or a big market. This course provided me with a more holistic approach to my computer science studies and my career as a software developer.” – EDUC 202 student


Learn skills that will prepare you for working in and promoting diversity within education. Learn to bridge across differences in educational settings.

“As I teacher, I have to reflect on my own identity and experience before I can step into a classroom and engage with students who have their own complex identities and experiences.” – EDUC 202 student

“My goal is to be a principal or superintendent someday, and learning what I can do as an indivdual to change people’s perceptions, and challenge sexist, racist, or homophobic ideas is something I can take into my work.” – EDUC 202 student


Develop skills that will help you be an effective team leader. Enhance your interpersonal skills and your ability to bridge across differences, two important skills for building, working, and leading diverse teams.


Build skills for leading and working in diverse high stakes settings. Enhance your interpersonal skills and learn to navigate tension and controversy in high stakes environments.

“I’m pre-med and I want to be a doctor. This is going to be helpful in my working with diverse groups of people in my career.” – EDUC 202 student


Learn to channel conflict into creative tension that can build positive results.

“To succeed in any business you need to know how to interact with others and understand where people come from.” – EDUC 202 student


Learn skills for working in diverse lab environments.

“I’m a bio major and I never would have learned about this in the bio department. This is such a great change of pace.” – EDUC 202 student


Learn to critically analyze bias. Gain tools for engaging others about their bias in a productive manner. 

“I learned a lot about myself, why I act the way I act. I learned a lot about other people and judgments.” – EDUC 202 student