Frequently Asked Questions 

How do I register for EDUC 202?

Registration for EDUC 202 takes place on SPIRE. If you are a Five College student at Amherst College, Hampshire College, Mt. Holyoke College, or Smith College, you will need to register through your respective Registrar’s Office. The guidelines for doing so are available here.

Does EDUC 202 fulfill any Gen. Ed. requirements?

YES! EDUC 202 is a 4-credit General Education course that meets both the University’s Social & Behavioral Sciences (SB) and Diversity in the United States (DU) requirements.

Does EDUC 202 count toward my Education major or minor?

YES! EDUC 202 is a graded 4-credit class in the College of Education. As such, it counts toward an Education major or minor. For students in the Community Education and Social Change concentration, EDUC 202 also fulfills the Interpersonal Skills, Communication, Planning & Facilitating Groups requirement.

I’m not an Education major, but this class seems like it should count for my major, too. Does it?

Maybe. In some cases, EDUC 202 may be able to count towards a major or minor other than Education. To find out if this is possible for you, contact your advisor.

EDUC 202 doesn’t fit in my schedule this semester. Can I take it next year? Of course! EDUC 202 is offered at least once every academic year and will be offered again next year.

I took EDUC 202, and I want to help recruit participants for this year! How can I help? Great! We are always glad for volunteers to help us spread the word! Please tell your friends about the course, and refer them to this website. If you want some fliers to hang up, or if you have a few hours you can donate to help us out, contact us at dialogue@sacl.umass.edu.

More questions?

If you have a question that is not answered on this page, or somewhere else on the website, please ask us! For general questions about the course or if you want to get into the course, email us at dialogue@sacl.umass.edu. For questions about getting involved with intergroup dialogues at the graduate level, email Dr. Ximena Zúñiga at xzuniga@educ.umass.edu