About EDUC 202

 4 Credits – General Education DU and SB Requirements
Open to students in all majors/concentrations

Course Objectives

This 4-credit intergroup dialogue course is designed to encourage participants to develop understanding and skills for addressing and bridging differences in diverse social settings. The course objectives are aligned with and meet the diversity (DU) and social and behavioral sciences (SB) General Education requirements.

Course Description 

To facilitate understanding between diverse social/cultural groups we need authentic and thoughtful conversations about issues of difference, conflict and community. In this intergroup dialogue course, you will actively participate in facilitated conversations with students from diverse social identity groups. You will learn from each other’s perspectives, discuss relevant readings and videos, and explore your own and others’ experiences in various social and institutional contexts. You will also explore different ways of taking action in collaboration with others in diverse teams.

Course Meeting Schedule

EDUC 202 meets once a week for 2.5 hours. The course starts one week late and ends one week early. The class meets on one Saturday from 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM early in the semester.

Two recent students shared what the Saturday full-day class meant to them:

“Each student in the class shares a personal story about their race and ethnicity and that was really meaningful for me, and I think it really brings the group closer together.” – Former student

“It’s really what, like, bonded our group from the beginning and made the rest of our conversations through the semester so meaningful and impactful because we just really had this close bond with each other from the testimonials.” – Former student

Overview of Assignments


  1. Weekly readings/videos in preparation to the upcoming topic session
  2. Weekly logs to encourage discussion of readings and reflective learning  
  3. Intergroup Collaboration Project (ICP) to support  the bridging of dialogue and action  through a collaborative action project in small diverse groups
  4. Final Reflection Paper to reflect on on intergroup dialogue experience and integrate students learning from all aspects of the course

Spring 2020 Syllabus