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Dube: Higher minimum wage doesn’t reduce jobs

Arin Dube

Arin Dube, UMass Amherst economics professor, is interviewed by The Real News Network.  He discusses his findings from a recently completed study which examines the affect of minimum wage on employment. 

Dube’s research looks at the effects of minimum wage differentials across state boarders where the minimum wage is higher on one side of the border than the other. His research focuses on the service industry, which he said employs the majority of minimum wage workers. According to his findings, both the short and long term effects of the increased wage on unemployment were negligible.

Dube joins IZA as research fellow

Arindrajit Dube

Arindrajit Dube, UMass Amherst economics professor, has joined IZA, the Institute for the Study of Labor, as a Research Fellow.  IZA is an international research center in labor economics focused on original and internationally competitive research activities in all fields of labor economics, development of policy concepts and dissemination of research to the scientific community and to a wider public.

Dube quoted in Time article, “Health Reform: Weighing Up the Employer Mandate”

Arindrajit Dube

San Francisco’s two-year-old mandate requiring employers to boost their health insurance spending has had little impact on their operations, according to an analysis by Arindrajit Dube, economics, and two other economists. (Time, 7/26/10)

Health Reform: Weighing Up the Employer Mandate
July 26, 2010

But at least in San Francisco, where an employer mandate was instituted in 2008, most business owners are embracing the new rule and reporting it’s had little impact on their operations. A new analysis of the city’s mandate, written by three economists, reports that although three-quarters of employers were forced to bump up their health-insurance spending, 64% still support the law. “Employers have found that it’s actually become easier to pay for it than they thought,” says Arindrajit Dube, one of the authors and a labor economist at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst.

Washington Post blog cites Dube’s research on San Fran’s health-reform

Arindrajit Dube

Research by Arindrajit Dube, UMass Amherst economics professor, and two other economists was recently cited in Ezra Klein’s Washington Post blog.

A public option– and an employer mandate– are working in San Franciso
Ezra Klein
July 14, 2010

People don’t talk much about the health-care reforms San Francisco put into place in 2006, but Carrie Hoverman Colla, William H. Dow and Arindrajit Dube have looked into the early evidence, and it’s encouraging:

In 2006 San Francisco adopted major health reform, becoming the first city to implement a pay-or-play employer health spending mandate. It also created Healthy San Francisco, a “public option” to promote affordable universal access to care. Using the 2008 Bay Area Employer Health Benefits Survey, we find that most employers (75%) had to increase health spending to comply with the law, yet most (64%) are supportive of the law. There is substantial employer demand for the public option, with 21% of firms using Healthy San Francisco for at least some employees, yet there is little evidence of firms dropping existing insurance offerings in the first year after implementation.

 I guess in San Francisco, even the private businesses are run by socialists.